Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Perform with David Guetta at Grammys

Chris Brown

Following his solo performance at Sunday’s show, Grammy winner Chris Brown returned to the stage for a mashup of dance and electronica music. Breezy made his way through the outdoor Nokia Plaza in L.A. to join David Guetta on their electro-dance cut “I Can Only Imagine.” Lil Wayne also brought his skateboard swag to the party, as the French DJ cranked up the volume. Performances by Deadmau5 and the Foo Fighters followed.


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  1. AEROL



  2. nicegirl

    It was alright.


  3. 100% Amazing

    Some bitter losers (media) and hopeless haters are making women look like a taboo! (unforgiven, grudge nursing, souless trouble makers). One incident and 3 years begging is not enough?!

    Congrats Teambreezy especially the women, its been a slow rise back to the top but we did it. Life is short & no one lives forever.

    we just lost MJ and now Whitney amongst many. We critisized them and even hated them but now we’ve lost them, is that better? Lets appretiate life and 2nd chances.


    Yeah Reply:

    @100% Amazing, girl shut up


  4. BreezyLover

    I expected something epic from Chris Brown. It was okay.

    Still love him! I’m glad he got accepted by the music industry after this Rihanna-thing…



  5. jruay

    smh hes so basic and I’m not even hating. He did the same lip singing (don’t count the first 15sec as singing) and M.J impersonations.

    I can’t believe Miguel wasn’t even nominated when he had a WAY better real R&B album and the fact that Chris won over KELLY PRICE is just….. Soulja Boy won a Grammy so I’m they don’t surprise me anymore.


  6. Kayla

    I loved this performance! Chris killed it yet again!


  7. Jordan Gabriel

    that was cheap.


    :o Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, rolf you haters always have something to say. its not about being cheap or not. its about having fun and performing. no one can perform like him we all know that!


  8. Stre3t Danc@

    SLAYSTOPHER!!! I’m so glad he took his deserved Grammy! I can’t be more proud *wipes tears* WE MADE IT!


  9. Trac-e

    Nice and fun.


  10. SWAG

    Lil Wayne saved the performance.


  11. Alaor

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  12. guchi girl

    hummmm….. ths wat good but i think it could’v been better and i knw tht im not the one up thr and its hard but tht is wht yuh signed up for



  13. guchi girl



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