Report: Janet Jackson in Talks to Join ‘X Factor’

Janet Jackson

Is Janet Jackson headed to “The X Factor”? The pop icon is reportedly in preliminary talks to join the U.S. singing competition as a judge.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janet has expressed interest in participating in Simon Cowell’s show following the departure of judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

The 45-year-old singer hinted at her possible involvement during her appearance on Anderson Cooper’s talk show on Thursday.

“Oh my God. No, I’m not a judge on ‘The X Factor,’” she told Cooper, to which he replied, “You’re not currently a judge on ‘The X Factor.’”

She responded, “No, I am not,” while coyly adding, “But that’s all I really think I should say.”

THR previously reported that Whitney Houston was being considered for a spot on the judges’ panel alongside Cowell and L.A. Reid. Other names being thrown around include Pink and Katy Perry.

Do you think Janet would be a good judge on “The X Factor”? Let us know!

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  1. why ask

    Really? As much as I like her. Her soft voice and aways trying to be “nice” will get on my nerves and I believe she would be borning…


    uhuh Reply:

    @why ask, i’d watch x factor just to hear her speak. her speaking voice is hot


    phucku Reply:

    @uhuh, Agree! and I am a female. I love this woman


    mr.Iuveryzx Reply:

    @uhuh, agree


    mr.Iuveryzx Reply:

    @uhuh, Ture


    ThankMeLater Reply:

    @uhuh, OMG I LOVE IT TOO. I could care less if she’s nice.


    Rap* Reply:

    @why ask,

    I agree with you. Nicole and Paula were considered too nice and boring but what is janet compared to them?

    Sry but Janet really talks too soft.


  2. Jrizzel88

    As Ms. Janet Jackson’s #1 fan…I believe she should NOT participate in this low rated show! This ship is SINKING Janet! You don’t need to be apart of this show! Just make us another album and give us another tour!


    Lauryn Reply:


    True. But She’s A Legend Unlike Nicole or Paula!!!


  3. DRB

    I love Janet but I don’t know about this. Since she’s not really doing anything right now, I guess.

    Pink would be amazing as a judge but isn’t she working on an album? I’d prefer that and a tour over this show.

    Mariah would’ve been a great judge and she’s always great TV but I’d also prefer she get back to music which she’s doing.

    Katy Perry……

    Any big, current name they can’t is a low chance b/c they have active careers and wouldn’t be on for longer than a season.


  4. Jordan Gabriel

    The X Factor’s pretty much a recycle bin where all fallen stars get thrown into. Let’s be real, music wise, Janet hasn’t done anything BIG since All For You.


    uhuh Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, what the fxck is wrong with you? fallen stars? she isnt just a fucking star. she is a legend. legends dont need to prove themselves. she has a hollywood walk of fame for christ sakes. show some respect.


  5. Triniti

    I LOVED X Factor with Paula and Nicole, but Simon has screwed the hell up in firing them. The Voice is my replacement show, but if this is true, I will consider watching Season 2.


  6. Audrey Hepburn

    Don’t do it Janet! You’re far too great of a performer to be a judge on a tv-contest show.


  7. Fa

    J , please dont do it!


  8. leigh holmes

    urgg wat a bitch she is bloody ugly lol


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