Video: Nina Sky – ‘Day Dreaming’

Nina Sky

Nina Sky is trading places in the video for “Day Dreaming,” the first single from their sophomore album Nicole & Natalie, due in July. In the Adam Sauermilch-directed clip, the twins date the same guy, share the same bed, watch the same movie, and hold the same hands. But despite their biological bond, their relationship is night and day. An unhappy Nicole argues with her man, while Natalie is head over heels in love. What you see is not always what you get.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    It’s a okay video


  2. JJ

    I thought they were lesbians? Oh well.


    Kyle Reply:

    @JJ, I think one of them is.


    Pinky Reply:

    @Kyle, yeah, Nicole


  3. shocked

    amazingly this made me want to download their new stuff. it wasnt as bad as their first single years ago. it had some mystery to it, dark and sinister like.


  4. James

    I swear every time RAp-Up post some new music about nina sky they always say…”their first single”….damn! how many first singles are they gonna gave?!


  5. lol

    no wonder why the bold headed one fighting with her man she dont like d!ck


  6. Natasha Lee

    I love nina sky but i really think the video didnt go with the song, video could have been better. but keeping it real girls.. love your music anyways<3


  7. zamara

    Hey ladies I love the song a lil confused with the video . Keep up the good work ..


  8. Sean

    THIS IS SOO HOT! Love the song and video. Very different, and well developed.


  9. ScribeCash

    It’s good but as a songwriter I think they r trying to do too much their style is very creative though but they need to master it in a more appealing way.


  10. Robert

    Dopeeeeeeee! Fuck who doesn’t understand or dislikes it. It’s different and new. Glad to see them back on their shit!!!!


  11. BK

    H O T N E S S !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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