New Music: Cori B. f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘Daddy’s Girl’

Daddy's Girl

Snoop Dogg passes the torch to his youngest child Cori B. Tha Doggfather and his daughter share their special bond on the catchy dance-pop single “Daddy’s Girl,” produced by 1500 or Nothin’.

“I’m so lucky you are mine/ And you spoil me all the time/ I’m so glad you’re my daddy,” sings the 12-year-old, who dedicates the track to all the daddy’s girls around the world.

Her famous father shows a softer side, dropping an endearing verse for his baby girl. “I’m here to protect and hug you ’cause that’s what daddys do/ Daddy’s boo, and I’ma make all your dreams come true,” sings the devoted dad.

Cori’s debut album is due later year through Boss Lady Entertainment.

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  1. @Squad

    the worst verse by my fav rapper


    Jackie Reply:

    @@Squad, lol


    Valerie Reply:

    @@Squad, lmao


  2. Ivey Buliee Cassiara

    it nice dat Kids her age Like this song. AIn’t she suppose to be in School


  3. DRB

    Celebs: can you stop handing your (untalented) children careers? You worked for yours and more importantly, you (most likely) had actual talent.


    Nelz Reply:

    @DRB, he actually didn’t want her to be in the entertainment industry.


  4. mad Buliee

    ain’t she suppose to be in school. nice music


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  6. Truth

    She looks like Aunt Jemima as a kid


    Well Damn Reply:

    @Truth, DEAD LMAOOO :’D


    Ice Reply:

    @Truth, LOLOL


    I Cant Deal Reply:

    @Truth, Hahahahahahahaa omg im done


    Alfonso Reply:



    TRP Reply:

    @Truth, WOW. LMAO


    Neon Reply:

    @Truth, TRUTH.



    @Truth……I fell out the chair, she do look like Aunt Jemama…




    Truth Reply:, Lmfao when i seen that pic i was like hold up she looks like someone. Googled Aunt Jemima Syrup and that face and smile was exactly the same hahahahahaa.



    why is she even relevant? when they find me a kid who sang like Beyonce and Whitney at this girls age, then i will pay her sum mind.


  9. Logic

    I really hope every hater above me is a dumb little kid…no grown person or one with respect would talk bad about a kid..smh


  10. Logic

    @Jackie, cute little song!


  11. Tyler

    ^^^ I’m 25 and her and willow smith need to stay in school kid or no kid she looks a mess. They talked about burner when he was 14 and 15calling him gay so she is no exception. Adults talk about kids all the time u must live on mars


    Logic Reply:

    @Tyler, no, i just dont respect blogging faggggots taking their aggression out on kids…grow up


  12. dan

    snoop must be running low on cash to be put in this song


  13. GURL!

    god forgive me but…this chile is HORRENDOUS


  14. Love Jeffery

    Cori B. Is Sooo Beautiful, But The Song Is Cute Just Not A Breakout… It Doesn’t Make Any Sense That Grown Azz People Or Wanna Be Grown Azz People Are Making Fun Of A 12 Year Old, Just Ignorance, and Stupidity… Let See What The Hell Y’all Look Like, At Least She’s Going Somewhere In Like Unlike Y’all… SMH!!!… And Who Says That She Isn’t In School, and Making Good Grades, She Can Get An Education, and Still Follow Dreams.


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  16. The Shaded Truth

    I can’t believe some people actually get on here and talk like this. She’s a child. And shes cute… if she was light-skined I think there would be no problem. People should really be ashamed. What if this was your little cousin or relative? So sad, learn how to turn it on and off.


  17. Ms Terrydarlene

    You go Cori !!!!! It’s awesome!!


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