A$AP Rocky Gets Into Brawl at SXSW [Video]

A$AP Mob

Don’t mess with the A$AP Mob. That’s what some concertgoers learned during A$AP Rocky’s performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. According to Fuse, 15 minutes into the Harlem rapper’s set at the Vice party, one of the members of his crew had his bandana taken, prompting A$AP to stop the show to find out who took it.

Moments later, someone in the audience lobbed a full beer can onstage, nearly striking a member of Rocky’s crew.

“Yo, whoever just hit my brother with that, I will fuck you up,” threatened A$AP before trying to hunt down the culprit. “Don’t throw nothing no more.”

After cooling down, he tried to keep the peace and restrain his crew from retaliating. “Please don’t throw nothing at us because we don’t want to end this early. We want to have fun,” he said.

He issued a stern warning that if something other than water was thrown again, the Mob would come after them. Before he could finish his sentence, another beer came flying onstage. He and his crew immediately dove into the crowd as partygoers ran for the doors, while others tried to capture the moment on their phones. Police quickly shut down the event as the brawl ensued.

Watch it all go down below.

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  1. vroom

    lmfaooooo these niggas


  2. Blue Ivy Snatchin' Wigs Already

    I’m sorry but…. LMFAOOOOOO!


  3. Sam from FL

    Lawsuit!…LOL, smarten up A$AP.


  4. Jade

    oh no! I bet no one thought they were all gonna come off that stage like that though.


  5. Harry

    there’s always one person that ruins it for everyone


  6. Wednes

    A$ap said “plz don’t throw anything..we want to have fun..next person that throws something..”

    Kindness didn’t work so get whats coming to you. Entertainer or not, they’re still people..

    I dont understand why people pay their money to come out and act a damn fool…


    Dope Reply:

    @Wednes, agreed..


  7. KT

    Those dudes leaped in the crowd like they were the Ninja Turtles.


    Jamaican Reply:

    @KT, LMAO dead ahh!



    First odd future now ASAP these faggots know how to ruin people’s fun but I don’t care about Justin bieber incident he can kick rocks


  9. andy

    that wasn’t smart at all, it’s gonna be hard for them to book shit with them attacking the crowd.

    or his whole “mob” just won’t be allowed to come, just Rocky.


  10. Donn

    Where’s the professionalism. You dont see Kanye or Jay jumping in crowds fighting. Be professional and just cancel your set.


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @Donn, Nobody ever thrown any beverage at them. Besides, after the warning the person immediately threw another one so he can’t just leave without finding the person.


    bigtymer Reply:

    @Donn, true, but actually i remember back in 2001 in the Roc the mic tour, somebody threw a beer bottle at beanie sigel, he did the same thing as these guys and jumped in the crowd to fight, but then jay z and some other people jumped in the crowd also and grabbed beans and then cancelled the show OH! THE MEMORIES lol..


  11. DrakeTakeCare

    @wednes…well said!


  12. Nicky

    Just ignorant. He was the worst part of the “Club Paradise” tour with his untalented self. I will never understand what made Drake put that in the show. Fighting over a damn bandana…


    Garroi Reply:

    @Nicky, your outlook is clearly very bias. im not into his music but for you to completely ignore the fact that he tried very hard to diffuse the situations and was provoked multiple times is just not right. put your bias against his music aside and assess the situation objectively. this was really not his fault. and this has nothing to do with drake.


    Garroi Reply:

    @Garroi, but i agree his reaction was very unprofessional. he should have just cancelled the show.


    Nicky Reply:

    @Garroi, A situation he tried to diffuse that he started in the first place. He stopped a performance to bitch about a bandana being stolen… what do you expect from an audience that is most likely drunk?

    And I only know of him because of Drake’s concert, so it was relevant to me. No I wasn’t happy that he played at the concert, because he was awful, which was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this post. Bias? Yup. Care? Nope.


  13. poop

    and u call yourself a professional?


  14. Dope

    As you dumbass can see, he begged them to stop before attacking..Theres only so much a man can take!


  15. Buster

    @Nicky, Has much as the people that threw sh*t to the stage, in no way form a professional artist should act has childish and selfish has ASAP and his crew acted. Believe it or not this kind of action is hurting a lot the respect of the new rappers that try to make it to the game. Also this does not hurt the stereotype other people have on rappers. This kind of action has to end!


  16. Really

    obviously yall have neither witnessed nor heard what happens at events, such as Rick Ross’s or Future’s along with many more performers that ended in gun fire and deaths. This is a far cry from how insane or “unprofessional” performances can get. It is also the audience’s responsiblity to conduct themselves in a appropriate manner. Also note that other genre of music get way more “unprofessional” than hip hop.


  17. James

    I’m glad they jumped out there. This has been happening too much lately. People feeling hard in the crowd throwing crap at these artists. Maybe after a few a$$es are wooped, people will calm down and enjoy the shows from now on.


  18. matt

    Yea that’s was whack as Hell on both behalfs I wuda canceled the shit and bounced!


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