Game Revisits Beef with 50 Cent on ‘KTLA Morning News’


Game was up early for his appearance on L.A.’s “KTLA Morning News” to promote his episode of “Behind the Music,” which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on VH1. The Compton MC weighed in on the East Coast vs. West Coast feuds of the past and revisited his beef with 50 Cent.

“I like to look at Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace as more like apostles to hip-hop,” said Game. “After their untimely demises, hip-hop kinda expanded and now it’s huge today.”

He recalled his own highly-publicized battle with 50. “It lasted a year or two and it took up a lot of my time and frustrated me and a lot of people, so I kinda phased that out as I started working on my third album.”

When asked why his beef didn’t end in tragedy like 2Pac and Biggie, he replied, “I think that I was a little bit more wise. I’m from Los Angeles and I just didn’t fall astray to that trap.”

Game is currently working on his fifth album F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution. “It’s the last album on my contract for Interscope, so they have an option to re-up or I have the option to go off and get $10, 20 million from whoever.”

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  1. mike

    as far as the battle , game got that one easily ..if you you think 50 won , you dont know anything about hiphop.


    Dlani Reply:

    @mike, 50 cent is dead when The Game drop “Red Bandana”


  2. Chile_Bew

    YES Game is fine as FUCK!


  3. mike killa

    as far as the war , 50 got that one easily ..if you think game won , you dont know anything about anything


    TeronTheDon Reply:

    @mike killa, 50 cent got that one easily? with what 300 bars at the gym?!…. You sound sick, and saddest part is, you actually believe it. LOL Let me guess, He beat Ross too? don’t worry…. I’LL WAIT


  4. mike killa

    money talks my man and 50′s tell a long story


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @mike killa, rap feuds are about talent homie. Where’s 50 now? still trying his 2 step?


    aoh Reply:

    @mike killa, wel said money talk and 50 be killing them all of them except a few


  5. aoh

    50 cent that is all i can say


  6. Sbuam

    lol why compare them to big and pac , First 50 is a bitch ass nigga, pac was real biggie too ..


  7. what

    game won the battle..u cant compare them because 50 was always the bigger artist then game..but game won because he was able to stay relevant throught tht ewhole g-unit time and after..i mean in march 22 rightnow game is better musically


  8. Yeah

    i love both of them, but game won… how may you ask? well which one of them is still relevant? …..


  9. da fan

    we are heading to YMCMB, are’nt we Game


  10. aoh

    @ everybody 50 cent won cause 50 is more relevant as at today with proves musically….50 cent can make an unknow artist top chart can the game do that


    yun9reezy Reply:

    @aoh, oh really? explain that to us…


  11. Abs12

    as far as success (money)50Cent wins everytime but as an MC? 50 cant even match Wacka Flocka let alone The Game…..just think how 50 rose quickly to the top AND DROPPED HARD. The game 4me.


  12. pledge

    I don’t undastand why some of y’all be comparing fifty with game! Y’all should know by now dat,he 50 is da boss! Both lyricaly and money wise! 50 brought da light into game’s world thru some of game’s hit songs like,how we do,hate it or love it. Amongst others all written by 50! A boss’s always a boss! Fifty’s da man 4 me!


  13. dan

    50 outsold Game and Rick Ross, 50 destroyed Game and Ricky Rozay, How did Game win?? Saying the same shit over and over on radio interviews? And 50 exposed Officer Ricky and his bullshit life (He’s a poser).. Kids now a days, No wonder raps in the toilet


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