Rihanna Goes ‘Gangsta Goth Geisha’ in Coldplay Video


Good girl has gone geisha. Rihanna transformed into a badass geisha while shooting the video for her Coldplay collaboration “Princess of China” on Thursday. She joined frontman Chris Martin and the band on set of the Asian-inspired visuals at the Taiko Center in Los Angeles.

The fashionista, who described her look as “gangsta goth geisha,” pinned her hair up in chopsticks and drew in her eyebrows while modeling a slit black dress and tassel earrings.

She flipped the bird and blew smoke out of her mouth, tweeting, “#thuglife.” See RiRi get gangsta below.



Ciarra Pardo, Chris Martin, and HiHat

Jennifer Rosales and Ciarra Pardo

Ciarra Pardo

Photos via Twitter

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  1. coolio

    pretty, exp shes no asian


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @coolio, And Geishas are Japanese. Even in 2012 it’s all the same, eh? If these people even bothered to consider the history between Japan and China they’d know how incredibly stupid is to lump them together. But of course, it doesn’t matter (to them or most non-Asians). *sigh* smh!


  2. mr

    They have 2 of those crazy, super expensive balenciaga hats (that aren’t even available for purchase in the u.s.) …..smh celebrites get everything for free.


  3. TRA

    I am not a hardcore Rihanna fan, but Rihanna looks sexy and badass in these photos. Coldplay is cool with me, Coldplay always makes interesting music.


  4. slimcheks

    i love the combo….i love rihanna


  5. Jay Scorpio



  6. DeeJay

    I like the visual, the eyeliner is off the chain. I to dress in black, not gothic, but I always like the visual aspect of the gothic culture.


  7. Joshh

    This is the best song on the Coldplay album! #RihannaNavy


  8. Hip-Hop Fiend

    Rihanna can’t do no wrong, unless she keep working with the woman beater I mean Chris Brown. All her music ia always a hit. Rihanna is the “IT” girl right now.


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  10. Audrey Hepburn

    She could definitely be a professional, high fashion model. :)


  11. Oshawhatever

    Classless as always. F.


  12. BeezInDaTrap

    @hiphopfiend Shes been the IT girl since her Umberalla days TBT, Say what you want about this girl, but shes GOREGEOUS. Her swagg is just to crazy….her and Cassie omg! Loving the pics, i know the vid will be crazy.

    That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up


  13. steven

    lol look at chris martin…rihanna brings that goofy side out in people


  14. Renzo

    demasiaaaaado bueno! ya quiero ver el videoooo


  15. PopCritic

    say what you want but this girl is beautiful if you can’t see it then you must be blind with hate


  16. SOoooo

    Rihanna is going hard, thats right go hard or go home.


  17. SOoooo

    Let em talk because it dont hurt nobody.


    Joshhh Reply:

    @SOoooo, Tahnk you!! #RihannaNavy


  18. IK

    She looks amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg,that’s not a new thing anyway :) <3


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  22. Big pimpin

    Girl put your finger down! You ain’t no ish about thug life! Easy to be thug when you in a building with security guards hey?! Love Coldplay!


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