New Music: N.O.R.E. f/ Cassie – ‘Baby Girl’

Crack on Steroids

N.O.R.E. bares his heart on “Baby Girl,” his tender collaboration with Cassie off his mixtape Crack on Steroids. The Bad Boy princess is looking for a man who will ride or die for her, while N.O.R.E. steps up to the plate, calling his girl “the best thing that happened” to him. Listen to the thug fall in love.

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  1. WonderLand19

    Nice. Cassie, when are YOU gonna promote ‘King of Hearts’ apart from doing interviews? I wanna see her do some live performances. King of Hearts should be not flopping. i love that song.


    Kurt Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Yeah me too but cassie has been rehearsing a lot lately so we will expect a performance soon


    @iJustoriginate Reply:

    @WonderLand19, FULLY AGREE!!


  2. Kurt

    Cassie sounds amazing on this track
    Thumbs up


  3. Warren

    Dope. I like it. Cool production and beat


  4. Ice

    This is the route she should go in, I love her voice on this.


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  6. bijan

    love it



    Wow CSsie sounds amazing. What a dope song,it should be N.o.r.e single not on a mix tape


  8. quer

    I have to honest Cassie is getting better she sound amazing i hope diddy let her working with different this time


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