Iggy Azalea Shares Girl Group Beginnings, Love for Tupac

Iggy Azalea

How does a blonde beauty like Iggy Azalea become one of today’s most-talked-about rappers? The “Murda Bizness” MC shares how her relationship with hip-hop began and the first song she fell in love with on MTV2’s “Sucker Free.”

“I just loved that song,” Iggy said of 2Pac & Outlawz’ “Baby Don’t Cry (Keep Ya Head Up 2).” “I don’t know what it was.”

Her passion for the music eventually turned into a career. “I knew I loved rap music, I knew I loved to sing along to the words,” she said. “It takes a while before you have the guts to put yourself in their shoes and think this is something I could actually do.”

Before going solo, the Australian femcee was in a group with two other girls in her neighborhood. “I was like, I could be the rapper. This could be like TLC. I’ll be Left Eye.”

Iggy eventually decided to leave the group because the other girls weren’t taking it seriously. “I take everything I do serious. I’m too competitive.”

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  1. WWHO

    Nice to see her doing well, but I honestly don’t think she is very talented..


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @WWHO, I concur! Dont think she has the IT factor. She looks like just another white girl trying to rap.


    Trianna Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, I think people are gonna make her hot because of her image..She has a nice sense of fashion, shes cute, and her beats go hard


    Replay Reply:

    @WWHO, Agree and she doesn’t look hot too, so NEXT.


  2. deqa

    @WWHO Honestly i think da say


  3. MinajRules2012

    Leave the rap game alone! We dont need anymore games or chicks just playing with music. Good bye!


    A Bad Bitch Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, You are one of those Minaj slaves that are called “Barbz” and come on every page to hate on other female rappers and say that Nicki is better.


  4. hero

    shes not talented, just t.i.’s aussie p*ssy on the side.


  5. RICK

    her head is so flat.like ET


  6. GG

    Black media STAYS trying to make this chick happen LOL. She is a fashionista not a rapper and her flow is so wack I’m sorry. Just stop it pls and support real talent.


  7. ladyrt23

    im convinced that music has switched roles. caucasian non americans are dominating soul and rap. besides that, miss iggy is a totally diff personality when she steps in front of the mic. she is truly a piece of ignorant art.


    as if ..... Reply:

    @ladyrt23, caucasian non americans dominating soul and rap? like who? who else fits that description that is ‘dominating’ soul and rap? thats a bit of an exaggeration …


  8. Nancy Grace

    Ugh she oit about that life just another white tryna moxck black people


  9. Tyler

    People you might want to save all of the criticism for the album. That alone is going to decide whether she has staying power or not. She’s is not a terrible rapper but she is not the best either. I really dont get the gimmick vibe from her because I think she really likes to rap. Just wait for the album.


  10. Whatever

    Iggy is Australian and to be honest foreign people have a bigger appreciation for music in general. So she’s not a typical white American trying to act black, she truly loves rap and plus she hangs around nothing but black people so how do you expect her to act??


  11. whitechocolate

    i dont dislike her because she is white and rapping. if i white female was actually good at rapping, i’d give her props. still waiting…


  12. Jay

    Sweet. I’m looking forward to Iggy’s CD! I know exactly what she means about having to break away from people that aren’t taking it seriously. They will for sure hold you back. I kill pride. I hurt feelings. Click clack bang bang! We in that murda bizness. :)


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