Video: Jill Scott – ‘Blessed’

Jill Scott

Jill Scott counts her blessings in the self-directed video for “Blessed,” a cut off her latest album The Light of the Sun. The soulful songstress finds happiness in her daily life, whether she’s in the studio, at home with her husband and son, or chilling with her girlfriends.

“This record spoke to me as an inspiration for myself and for others to remember to count your personal blessings every day,” said Scott, who will perform on “VH1 Storytellers” on May 21. “The money, cars, trophies can all disappear immediately. It’s about what’s happening in your life like your family, friends, and health.”

Put a smile on your face with Jill’s joyful video.

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  1. credits

    There’s something about this song…


  2. @TheIndiigo

    She loooks great as per the usual.
    Hope she’s working on a new album.


  3. B

    Amazing Artist. Love her. She looks BEAUTIFUL!


  4. Aj

    love this song,it always makes me realize how blessed i am, glad she did a video for it!


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