New Music: Kid Cudi – ‘Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More of That Whiskey!’

Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More of That Whiskey!

After foraying into rock with his WZRD project, Kid Cudi gets back to rapping on the lengthy titled “Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More of That Whiskey!” The Cleveland MC lets the liquor talk on the track, which samples his own song “GHOST!” off Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and a sound bite from President Obama.

“ok so what I did was, I took Ghost, reversed it, added new drums and guitar,” explained Cudi. “Im back. Lets fuckin go.”


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  1. Cassive

    The sample in the beginning is from “Attack the Block”


  2. Jorge

    Love it! Kid mothafucking cudi! GOOD Music we the family! Love the way it’s produced and the samples are great.


  3. Shade

    Cudder!!! His melodies are amazing


  4. *Teairra Mari hates Rihanna*

    I love GHOST but this sucks!


  5. TonyToneDaChef

    Attack the Block OH SNAP lol CUDDERRRRRRRRR


  6. tb

    love this cudi


  7. diddy

    i thought it was skepta at the beginning lol fucking sounds like him


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