Sneak Peek: Rihanna – ‘Where Have You Been’


Rihanna serves up a sneak peek of her new video for “Where Have You Been.” She filmed the clip herself off her laptop screen and uploaded it to Viddy, calling it a “Rachetness Blink.” If you look closely, you can see the reflection of her iPhone. Enjoy the 15-second teaser while we wait for the official premiere.

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  1. Yeah



  2. kerron

    omg…..i dead 5 times!!!


    kerron Reply:

    @kerron, #lol, died


    BantuJones Reply:

    @kerron, i died and came back lol


  3. Dragon

    WOW such a tease xx cant wait xx


  4. Felipe

    Like, like, I can’t even say something right now


  5. thevoicexo

    can i just say that black is the and should be the color she looks fresh but anyways its a hot song the looks the dancing im sure its gonna be another number 1 for her and i honestly thought we found love was the last high mark of her career ..cnt wait for the video


  6. yuppitsme



  7. Chrissy

    well that didnt really get me excited for the vid, she looks sexy as usual. Now a clip from the dance scene would have done the trick


  8. lala

    but it looks like a sexy upgrade beyoncé less bling anyway I can not wait any day with her was a good visual, but what qund same megalomaniac she filmed herself for the post


  9. BobbyBorisovvv

    It reminds me of Beyonce’s “Deja Vu”


    Vhee Reply:

    @BobbyBorisovvv, It reminds me that there are haters here.


    first Reply:

    @Vhee, how is that hating


    RealIssh Reply:

    @Vhee, Sounds like a compliment to me .


    maya Reply:

    @BobbyBorisovvv, It reminded me of “Upgrade You” when Bey was rolling around in the water & I agree w| RealIssh


  10. whitechocolate

    i just can’t with this girl. come back to bed


  11. Snakes in the grains

    love riri…cant wait til the video


  12. Jay

    Man, missed it! I can’t see the video! :(


  13. huh

    Im sick of seeing her naked doe..


    Capristo Reply:

    @huh, yeah me too.


  14. infamous

    Well looks like it´s gonna be the best video of this era!


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  16. Hugh

    She looks amazing


  17. Joshua.

    Cant wait to see it on Monday!


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