Coldplay Covers Beastie Boys’ ‘Fight for Your Right’ at Hollywood Show

Chris Martin

Following the sad news of Adam Yauch’s death, Coldplay paid tribute to the late MCA by covering the Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” at their show at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday. Seated at the piano, frontman Chris Martin performed a stripped-down version of the group’s 1987 hit off their debut album Licensed to Ill.

“I said mom, you’re just jealous, it’s the Beastie Boys/ So we’re sending all our love to the Beastie Boys,” sang Martin in front of the sold-out crowd, which included Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz.

The tributes also poured in from the hip-hop community including Jay-Z, Rev Run, Nas, Ludacris, and Eminem, who told MTV News, “Adam Yauch brought a lot of positivity into the world and I think it’s obvious to anyone how big of an influence the Beastie Boys were on me and so many others. They are trailblazers and pioneers and Adam will be sorely missed.”

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  1. WonderLand19

    This is super sad :( He died too young.RIP MCA

    I would like to know how he paved the way for many artists like Eminem. Maybe Rap-Up could do a special feature detailing the influrence he had.


    Chuckie Reply:

    @WonderLand19, if you follow eminem you would know he talked about them alot in his interviews so if you feel its not true then maybe you should look it up instead of waiting for Rap up to tell you.


  2. Kyle

    He was a MAJOR influence on hip-hop. Beastie Boys were so unique when they first came out because A.) they were white guys doing hip-hop music which was rare at the time and B.) their sound was obnoxious and in your face but they were able to crossover and achieve so much success. I bought their new album last year and I played that shit out. I loved some of those songs; especially “Say It.”


  3. careershore


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  5. just me

    coldplay is legendary. They rock!!!!!!


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