Video: Nick Cannon – ‘Die Young’

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon stands up against hate in the powerful video for “Die Young,” the first single off his upcoming album, due later this year. In the black-and-white visuals, the rapper/actor cries out for teens who were bullied because of their looks or sexual orientation. A shirtless Nick stands against a wall as he is stoned by bullies while tears roll down his face.

“Both the video and the song are deeply personal, and the track addresses real issues that so many people deal with each day,” explained Nick.

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  1. GR

    It’s touching…


  2. Nasty Nas

    I almost feel bad saying that because the message is very positive but honestly this is garbage :/


  3. stormedpsychic

    vid so emotional and sad , but it’s a pity that the vid ain’t enought work for the visual, it looks a little cheap , But it’s good!!! no bitch, no money, no no-homo, no gucci’loui vuitton… , no dick, no “Im the boss”, …


  4. hhh

    song has a good message to it but i fucking hate nick cannon….


  5. Jay

    I love it! The song and video are so powerful. Everyone could relate to this right here. Really great! :)


  6. Ramona Burgis

    I love it. Many cannot appreciate this because they are use to trash. You should feel bad if you call this garbage.


  7. manjeo

    Great subject matter, great production, and a shitty/corny rapper. positive message though.


  8. mal

    y the names at the end?


    sj7 Reply:

    @mal, they’re people that have died young or had ppersonal problems i guess


  9. Blaze

    Great song an message very touching


  10. DRB

    Nice direction and lyrics.


  11. white chocolate

    the mix is off and he isn’t tupac, but this is his best song ever. they should throw this on BET. you know mariah’s little fans love his gym fiending ass.


  12. WATCH: Nick Cannon - "Die Young" [VIDEO] | 97.9 The Box

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  13. V.I.C.

    Interesting. Unexpected. Positive Message. I Like.


  14. :)

    First the song is about bullied people and then the song is about dead celebrities????????


  15. Iceman

    Nick, I thought you were Christian?!



    He sampled The Band Perry.


  17. sj7

    what a wasted beat, he’s really bad at rapping


  18. MusiqLover

    I liked this. Not a big fan of Nick Cannon but it’s definitely better than his wack corny raps. good message. i’m in support.


  19. WATCH: Nick Cannon - "Die Young" [VIDEO] | Hot 96.3

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  20. Joshh

    Good message Nick!!


  21. Marz Moodle

    nice music Video


  22. Esi53

    ‘A shirtless Nick stands against the wall’… Amazing how this is supposed to be a meaningful message, yet to sell it they had to show skin. o_O =/


  23. ayee

    shit is blocked..

    diggin the track


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