Ciara Gets Patriotic in ‘One Woman Army’ Promo Photos

Ciara shows her stars and stripes in the first two promo photos for her fifth album One Woman Army. The military brat, whose father was in the U.S. Army, is fierce and fearless in the patriotic-themed images. With her hands at her hips, the fashionista flaunts her fit physique and blonde locks, while rocking a red, white, and blue sweater. In a second shot, she drapes herself in the American flag, exposing her toned arms.


The first single from the album, “Sweat,” is expected to premiere any day now, with the album to follow on Epic Records.


What do you think of CiCi’s latest look? Let us know.

  • Goldy

    Yo very HOT HOT HOT. I Love this Girl

  • dwayne6393

    one word

  • JustSayin..

    She is going to slayyyyyyyyyy!

  • Love it

    Come on baby workkk

  • CiStanOWA

    Slayara!!!! Gurl yu better werk !

  • tamar

    That outfit is ugly IMO. I dont like.
    Nice hair tho. ..

  • Ash J

    We got this with Fantasy Ride and then again with Basic Instinct. I am a huge Cici fan but this amazing comeback just ain’t going to happen. She will NEVER reach the same hights as “promise”. I think she might be able to nab a top-ten album and maybe a top-twenty single but i wouldn’t expect a US gold certificate for the album. People just ain’t checking for Ciara… Rihanna stole Ciara’s wig (even though Ciara is more talented). No one can doubt Ciara’s dancing but she isn’t a strong singer. She’s like a black JLo. Her days are over as a a chart sensation. She should focus on owning the stage as dancer with good music, fast beats and tours. album sales will not be her forte.

  • DEEBoy

    Modelara is bout to SLAYYYY !!!!

  • MinajRules2012

    I’m sorry for all the things, I said. I haven’t taken my medication and I’m a hoe that doesn’t have a life and I talk trash about other plp so I feel better about my mental state…

  • MusiQRocks

    I’m wondering why you guys paying attention to “MinajRules2012″, she’s hopeless and not worth attention….let alone dignify her with an answer.