Ester Dean Stars in ‘Pitch Perfect’ [Trailer]

Pitch Perfect

Ester Dean is making the leap from music to movies in Universal Pictures’ Pitch Perfect. In addition to working on her debut album, the singer-songwriter behind hits for Rihanna and Katy Perry takes to the big screen in the competitive musical-comedy.

She plays a bisexual student named Cynthia Rose alongside a female-dominated cast that includes Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. The story follows an all-girls a cappella group who rebuilds so they can make their way to the championship and take on the boys.

The film, which is based on Mickey Rapkin’s non-fiction novel of the same name, hits theaters October 5.

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  1. Lamont B.

    This movie look hilarious. Ester Dean looks wider than all outside, but kudos to her for setting from behind the pen. I was expecting a “Glee” type movie, but I really think this will be awesome.I can’t wait!


  2. thebomber

    OMG! Can’t wait!!!!


  3. Anti-Social

    gonna be a flop… just predicting…





  5. Redchainsaw

    Lmao!! This movie looks hilarious!! “horizontal running” rofl!!!!!!


  6. HeavyHeavy

    Loool this looks funny, a ghetto glee??!! and congrats to Ester with the role.


  7. JoshLoveRihanna

    It’s probly gonna FLOP but I will be going to see this it looks FUNNY AS FUCK!!!!!


  8. georgia23

    Fat Amy is gonna ROCK this movie!!! LOL It looks hilarious tho!!! Congrats to Ester for the role… That’s a good look.


  9. Sharp Tongue

    Oh hell yeah this is a must see plus “Fat Amy” is in the movie lol.


  10. KING#15



  11. BWExtreme

    LOL I’m so gonna see this movie


  12. vladica07

    It seems interesting and I love Ester,so I’ll give it a chance,why not :)


  13. tamar

    Oh lawd. we need some more SISTERS


  14. freshed

    lol 1:42 made me choke. I know Glee fans would eat this movie up


  15. coolguy

    Going to be horrible but the actress from bridesmaids will make the movie be just 50% better


  16. alesis dawton

    Props to ester…you go gurl…do your thang


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