Single Cover: 2 Chainz f/ Kanye West – ‘Birthday Song’

Birthday Song

2 Chainz shines a light on the cover of his second single “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West. The silhouette of a woman appears in the flame of a candle on the simple artwork. The song will be released to iTunes on Tuesday, while his debut Based on a T.R.U. Story drops August 14.

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  1. jeremydante

    great visual! love this.


  2. james

    That looks cool!!! I can’t wait to hear this


  3. letmeloveu

    cover is ace


  4. Spartenia

    Yeah the flame is cool.


  5. flysly

    i like


  6. yuppitsme69

    eye and legs form a triangle it is nice tho


    JuJU Reply:

    @yuppitsme69, -___- Die Slow


    yuppitsme69 Reply:

    @JuJU, After you =)


  7. TheDreamer

    It looks really good.


  8. HUGH



  9. Young Pereezy

    It’s cool, and I can’t wait for the song.


  10. cooleyhigh

    WTF cant believe i missed this, haven’t even heard it yet and i know its going to be killer. that cover is the truth


  11. Javis

    ready 2 giv it a listen


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