Christina Milian Debuts Swimwear Line at Miami Fashion Week

Nicole Di Rocco and Christina Milian

Christina Milian can add designer to her résumé. The singer-actress debuted her Havana Nights swimwear line during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach on Friday. The collection, a collaboration between her and swimwear designer Nicole Di Rocco, features leopard-print and rhinestone bikinis as well as cover-ups, tops, and bottoms. Models paraded down the runway in the sexy, colorful creations, and Christina was presented with flowers at the end.

“The styles are very flowy and beachy, but glamorous, so you can keep that fabulous look when you’re in or out of the water from day to night,” said the Cuban-American star. “We just wanted to make a collection that reflects my personality, but keeps the allure of Nicolita that I love so much.”

Christina was thrilled with the end result. “The #HauteHavana show was awesome!” she tweeted. “The models were Fab & my #HavanaNights collection was everything I imagined it’d be.”

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  1. MinajRules2012

    Girl BYE!!! You know damn well nobody is buying that wack ass line. You better off going having more babies and collecting support. You haven’t been HOT since, “Love Dont Cost A Thing”…SIT!!!!


    C1 Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Your slow girl is signed to young money plus her money is pretty long!


    cubana loca Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, her stuff IS selling you pathetic bitch. She is working all the time, new recording contract, on The Voice and write music for lots of others. What do you have going on in your life? And sitting collecting child support? You don’t think that fat ass Dream shouldn’t have to pay..He should lose everything for divorcing not 1 but 2 pregnant wives…People like you (and him) make this a disgusting world


  2. MinajRules2012

    Bye Christina!! You’re done, go swallow more of Dream’s babies.


    meme Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, seriously? ur effin rediculous. jealous hoes make me luff


    coco Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, wow. that negative rude attitude is not going to get u a long way.

    C.Milan keep on doing wot u doing.


  3. Ice

    Forget Christina, I want to know who that fine a** girl is beside her.


  4. CC

    i just need this bitch to drop a new album already


  5. Sharp Tongue

    I’m pretty sure her “flop” friend Ciara was apart of this shit.


  6. boom boom

    @CC, what for? so it flops, yet again?
    let her do this, I think is better fit for her.


  7. Good Motherfuckin Music

    god damn she fine as hell


  8. Kitty

    C. Milian’s so cute! It feels like she’s never geting any older. She really have a babyface!


  9. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    This Bitch Is Gone!!! she’s putting
    YM name on the mud, soo somebody shot her please!


  10. TheDreamer

    She looks beautiful. Congrats on the swimwear line.


  11. MissM

    Nice collection and most importantly your making your dreams a reality. WHY the need for negative comments? So ridiculous! Go make money and accomplish your dreams instead of being a ball of negativity people! Freakin haters! :-/


    Cmilianfan Reply:

    @MissM, Thank you…totally agree…


  12. TastyBetty2012

    C.M Congrat a mother hard @ work♥


  13. sabrina

    Why is every celebrity doing a swimwear line? Her, Selita E Banks, Vanessa Simmons….


  14. Jasminechacon

    yay! i cant wait to rock them swimwear! love her work.. doing big things.. wish i had money to do that shitttt,:)


  15. Cmilianfan

    Happy She got the swimwear line!…and for those that don’t know..she might not ever make an album…she racking up from the voice and writing music for other artists…She is a real talented woman..but yall so use to the same old people in the music stream that you don’t hear about what other artist r up to. Can’t wait for the album…but im glad she doing her and not letting the negative comments get to her.


  16. cubana loca

    She looks great..and BTW, she is working on The Voice and has a new contract for all you haters out there…Watch out, you will be seeing alot more of her…can’t wait. The line looks great


  17. Nicole

    stop the negative comments off , christina is beautiful and talented. Never a failure always a lesson , yes she hasnt succeeded lately but she can still make it with the right backing i love her ya’ll just haters. so shut up!!


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