Bobbi Kristina Remembers Whitney Houston with Tattoo

Bobbi Kristina Tattoo

Whitney Houston would have been 49 years old today. The late legend was celebrated by her fans, friends, and family including her daughter Bobbi Kristina. The 19-year-old singer-actress got a tattoo on her wrists to remember her mother, who passed away in February.

“Tat tat tatted YURP.. ;) now your truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you @nickdgordon always&forever{<3}," she tweeted along with a photo of the ink, which features the initials "WH" with doves around it.

Whitney will make her final on-screen performance in Sparkle. The remake of the 1976 Motown musical opens in theaters on August 18.

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  1. RG2

    That’s BEAUTIFUL Bobbi Kristina, and Happy Birthday Whitney! May you rest in HEAVENLY PEACE!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @RG2, Disgrace to the industry. Her mother should be rolling in her grave how she’s been carrying on since February.


  2. 250MG

    R.I.P Whitney! Fame killed her :(


  3. DJR

    R.I.P. to “The Voice” Whitney I love and miss you! But you left us with your music to last and last….


  4. DJR

    BTW, Lovin the TAT Bobbi Kristina!


  5. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    This B**** Gotta be kiddin’ me!!!
    Please Take this s*** off and Tat some Real S*** like YMCMB LOGO


    Chauncey Reply:

    @Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG, Shut your dumb ass up.


    Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @Chauncey, Whit Died Broken Musically


    tee Reply:

    @Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG, lmao you so stupid


  6. JT

    Whitney, You were/are a musical angel that will live in my heart as long as I live! May your soul 4ever rest in eternal peace!


  7. Hugh

    Prayers and strength to BK.


  8. poop



  9. TheDreamer

    So sweet. Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Whitney! I will always love you.


  10. Kliyah G

    Beautiful tattoo and happy late birthday Whitney H and your Daughter will alway love u.


  11. DENISE



  12. Defou

    Thank you both for capturing our most inarotpmt night ever! You did and amazing job! Can’t wait to see the finished album! Xoxo


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