Frank Ocean Cancels Remaining European Tour Dates

Frank Ocean

The show won’t go on for Frank Ocean. The “Thinkin Bout You” singer has pulled out of his remaining European festival tour dates and his opening slot on Coldplay’s tour.

He expressed his regret over the decision in a statement released online (via MTV News).

“Let me start by saying I feel like an asshole right now, but a tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next months and the casualties of that decision include my appearances at upcoming festivals in Europe and my opening slot on the European leg of the Coldplay world tour,” said the Odd Future crooner. “Sorry as f**k, I’ll be back if you’ll have me.”

The announcement comes just days after Ocean abruptly walked off the stage at Norway’s Oye Festival after performing four songs. A festival representative told the crowd that he “suddenly got sick and lost his voice.”

Following the release of his critically-acclaimed album channel ORANGE in July, he toured briefly in the U.S. and was scheduled to open for Coldplay through September.

Frank Ocean Statement

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  1. Stephen

    Thank God I had the rare opportunity of seeing him live in Atlanta


  2. da fan

    we forgive you


  3. da fan

    lol, him saying he feels like an asshole, is like me saying I feel like a pussy…lol


  4. poe

    i think he is getting burnt out already


  5. Ruta.

    Frank Ocean is looking tired and SAD on stage in that live video from Norway.


  6. leah

    I love this gay brother lookin a nice mess still ghetto with that bandana but he is dpe dope album and errythin u kno what im say now boo boos he look seductive and I know he prob given them men a lot of head he aint no bisexual he is full out FABULOUS…I dont blame him he is an amazing role model for man and women like me showin you can still like dicks on thees streets and speak openly about it,Rihanna be doin the same thing yu know what im sayin
    sorry for the ebonics my Black nigguhs


  7. Twista

    I like the dude and I think he has cool energy. That being said, this was an incredibly stupid decision. When you get an opportunity to open for Coldplay, one of the world’s most prominent bands, you take it.

    Frank – if you’re feeling burned out, I suggest you get on an exercise plan, take some supplements, cut back on the nightlife, eat more protein, whatever you have to do to get your weight up, do it.


    H.N.I.C. Reply:

    @Twista, PREACH!


    BrunoBruno Reply:

    @Twista, are you stupid he aint gonna go out and give people a crappy performance when theyve spent their hard earnt money


  8. SMH at your life

    He just had the flu which is why he didnt do the last date in his solo tour. I hope he’s alright.


  9. king

    Take ur time ocean u wuld be fine


  10. Miles

    I think it has to do with business. I’m speculating he may preform at the VMAs, Film music vids for channel ORANGE(he recently mentioned working with Nabil on twitter), Performing at the Made In America festival with the rest of Odd Future, and performing at the OFWGKTA Carnival


  11. Miles

    Also, this site should do more coverage on Earl Sweatshirt, who bout to drop an album


    BrunoBruno Reply:

    @Miles, TRUUU


  12. Parisien

    man, at the day he canceled concerts he posted on his tumbIr that he has pancakes and melon in Paris. I mean – his European fans will not see him although they bought tickets, and he writes that same day that he eats pancakes and melon in Paris. He is the worst of the worst!


  13. MayZiin

    Noooooo he can’t do thaaaaaaat


  14. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    F**k This Pu**yNi**a!!! No Half men allowed on my playlist


    Wayne Reply:

    @Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG, You’re a “half man” and a “pussy nigga” for clicking this link.


    Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @Wayne, B*tch get on My Long D*ck and you’ll have the best experience of ya lame life



    I live in the US, so it doesn’t even effect me but this isn’t good news for his European fans.


  16. peco williams

    Man f**K Frank Ocean…Listen man,im a Computer Science major im in my 3rd year in USC (dont hate) and im takin a math exam right now on the real tho i need some help on this problem is any of u good at math help a nig.out …

    A railroad track is 1 mile long (5280) feet and is completely level. On a very hot day the track expands one foot and it makes an arc of a circle that is 5281 feet. At it’s highest point how far above the track is the arc of the circle. [Give your answer correct to the nearest 1/100th of a foot.] (HELP!!!! I’ll Love u forever)


    El Duque Reply:

    @peco williams, We know the chord length (c) and the arc length (s) and we’re looking for height (h).

    Some useful formulas:
    c/s = sin(x)/x,
    theta = 2x,
    r = s/theta,
    d = r cos(x),
    h = r – d

    c = 5280 feet
    s = 5281 feet
    x = 0.033707759
    theta = 2x = 0.067415518 radians
    r = s/theta = 78335.0805 feet
    d = r*cos(x) = 78290.58205 feet
    h = r – d = 44.49845502 feet

    Round to the nearest 1/100th, good luck in comp sci.


  17. Morgan

    Sucks for them, BUT I was recovering from wisdom tooth surgery the night he played in NY…so…my sympathy is limited lol


  18. TheDreamer

    I hope he’s alright!!


  19. hahu

    U see the Publicity Machine is more than he can handle…Frank ain’t built for celebrity shit. He’s used to being an underground artist or in the background…now he’s out there…dude wants his music heard, but hey publicity is a double-edged sword…Don’t run with the Machine if U ain’t prepared for all of it…good, bad, intrusive, critical, etc…I wish Frank Ocean well, but I get the feeling that he’d be more comfortable just performing as he was before he came out…his music is more well known, but the expectations are higher….double-edged sword..


    Kalin Reply:

    @hahu, Mere speculation. You haven’t the faintest idea of what’s going on, so kindly stop being a crab nigga.


  20. toscaredtopostmyname

    I dont forgive you im mad as fuck, although of course i wont be going to any of those shows… You canceled alot of shows and queen and kings of this music industry doesnt cancel shows like that … Yes you are my screen saver and i love you but im mad okay im mad! but i’ll get over it just keep posting pics and interviews


  21. dnfl

    couldn’t he at least try to match the font to the contents of his message? lol ..


  22. ChrissyPoo22

    I am a die-hard Frankie fan, but he is quickly getting under his fans skin. Its one thing to have an illness like the flu, but to constantly post instagram pictures, blog and tweet where he “appears” to be absolutely fine and having a good ol time, is not cool. I was one of the concert goers who traveled 4 hours to see Frank in Detroit, where he canceled two hours before the show started. Never seen him issue a statement of apology for canceling the last date on HIS tour, but he definitely showed up to Lollapolooza 3 days later and performed his ass off there. I still love him and will support his music, but he should go about handling his self a little classier in these situations.


  23. Wednesday

    True @Twista
    LOL @Morgan

    His track record for HIS tour dates haven’t been very good. Whether it be that he didn’t show up, he walked off, whatev. Europe and Cold Play are great experience but he needs to lea
    rn how to better pace himself. Not everyone knows how to do the whole singer + songwriter + artist + perform thing well without practice.

    I like Frank but if he keeps doing this, fans will be disappointed and lose trust/hope/interest


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