Miguel Reveals ‘Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview’ Cover Art

Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview

Miguel leaps into action on the black-and-white cover for Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview. The three-song micro EP will be available on September 11 via iTunes. Last month, the smooth operator released Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview, which included the first single “Adorn.”

The full-length album will feature 11 tracks, with production from Salaam Remi, Pop & Oak, and Jerry Wonda, and hit stores and digital retailers on October 2. See the tracklisting.

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  1. Marsha Sea

    Nice and artistic.


  2. Humberto

    I’m so feeling that new era. I’ve never get into Miguel before, but these last tracks are pure fire.


  3. Be3000



  4. Queen Kimmy Blanco

    So when is he going to come out of the closet ?


    Yvette Reply:

    @Queen Kimmy Blanco, So because he is not calling you a bitch, talking about screwing you- your grandma-and your friends, and doesn’t have a million tats all over his body, he’s gay?

    I swear some of us women are hopeless. It’s called being an artist.


    Queen Kimmy Blanco Reply:

    @Yvette, Sweet heart I’m not insulting him or anything but look at how his hair is styled and the way he looks on the regular. He looks no type of straight, he looks like he shits glitter and sunshine lol.


    L.I.Am Reply:

    @Queen Kimmy Blanco, the guys I know that dress like him (different and quirky) get the most women out of any guys I know. I think its extremely cool and I respect when guys do their thing and are comfortable enough with their own sexuality to be different and challenge new styles.


    StarrKicks Reply:

    @Queen Kimmy Blanco, DUMB BASIC BITCH! lol ur hopeless Have a seat! SMH


  5. Jay

    Miguel kills! I can’t wait for his album to come out. And only he can rock his style. The music, the swag, attire, hair HA! Dude is cold! :)


  6. dodo

    the cover art says it all. just admit it dude.


    Cmonson Reply:

    @dodo, This dude has a girlfriend look her up her names Nazanin Mandi google her. Shes fine as hell dont hate on dude for just having a different style.


    niggas Reply:

    @dodo, sometimes i wonder if he was a white guy doing the same stuff….would he be question about his sexuality this much. i swear close-minded niggas such as you get on my fucking nerves on a daily basis. every creative, successful black guy is either gay or bi…that’s black people for you.


  7. Miles

    i like Miguel and all, but this art makes him look EXTREMELY gay


  8. Miles

    I like Miguel and all, but this cover art is extremely questionable…


  9. @RVYLE

    His creative direction is all wrong, even his visuals for his adorn video is super-corny.
    Poor guy; great music, wack visuals!


  10. WonderLand19

    Yeah! I’m ready for this album.


  11. Cmonson

    People use to dress like that back in the day idk why people think hes gay just cause hes different from the norm of today Miguel will take your bitch and have u looking stupid. Dont hate the player, hate the game.


  12. Tim

    Is that a perm? Nice cover tho!


  13. zizipho

    why u guys hatin on miguel? cnt u c daah hes trying to be different frm all of us. . .trendsetter;)go miguel u dah shit!


  14. credits

    I think the people who are questioning his sexuality really want to believe that he is a homosexual because they want another talented, stylish guy on their team.



    He’s coming for Frank Ocean’s wig.


  16. No Part a Enough my green Lovie

    Nice Photo album cover


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