New Music: Gucci Mane f/ Future – ‘F**k the World’

Fuck the World

Gucci Mane doesn’t give a damn on “F**k the World,” the new single off his upcoming mixtape Trap God, due October 17. The Brick Squad captain enlists Future, who drops designer names on his Auto-Tuned verse. Middle fingers up.

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  1. Jaleel

    I wont even listen nor support an artist with single/CD titles like “F the World”, etc. Wouldn’t even download this crap for free.


    Its the King B!tch. Reply:

    @Jaleel, lol, get off your soap box if u have a problem with cussin get into another genre.


  2. BopTech9

    I agree


  3. Ice

    With the names involved, I expected worse. But this was listenable.


  4. Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    The Worst Mc’s In the Game!!!


  5. Eli

    What about Lets Change the World. smh


  6. White & pinkie/diamondz h 9-30-2013

    he need to name this song “got a Big Belly”


  7. #$#$%%$%%^%^^*&*&^$$@###

    2 stupid so-called rappers!!! They Killin The Art!!!!!


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