Jay-Z, Nas, and Meek Mill Celebrate Launch of NBA 2K13

Nas, Meek Mill, and Jay-Z

Hip-hop and sports all-stars joined Jay-Z at the launch of NBA 2K13 at the 40/40 club in New York City last night. Clad in camouflage, Mr. Carter held court with Nas, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose, while Meek Mill got the crowd amped with his MMG hits. Other star sightings included Bow Wow, Bridget Kelly, Adrienne Bailon, Irv Gotti, Kris Humphries, and Tracy Morgan.

“Look how far we came!!!!” tweeted Meek, who snapped a photo alongside his idols Nas and Jay-Z.

As executive producer, Jay-Z oversaw the soundtrack for the video game, which hits shelves on October 2.

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  1. Popintl718

    Meek looks a little shook in that first pic, standing between two LEGENDS!!


    Blah Reply:

    @Popintl718, shell shock like af..lol


  2. VitiNhow

    wezlee togheter YeaHh ..


  3. LOL

    You can tell they don’t like each other. Keep your enemies close.


    ewqe Reply:

    @LOL, yes you can tell from 1 photo that 2 close friends secretly dont like eachother. people like you are why the internet sucks. always looking for shit that aint there


  4. 2011k

    Look at willie in the back, lol


  5. Yeh Yah Yeah

    Meek is disgusting, his ugly! But Jay is cool man.



    Awe, ain’t that Willie from that Diddy group in the back! lmfao Smh!


    AlongCameDarius Reply:



  7. aj

    lol what a troy barnes face meek has aha


  8. Sabrina

    When is Bridget Kelly going to happen? She is always at the events but never promotes her singles.


  9. Isis

    Meek Mills is ugly as CHYT!


  10. WOWzer

    dude Hov getting money this whole week, minaj too, but not like him tho


  11. K down to the C up Town Boyiee

    Everybody Looks Nice and how come Bridge kelly & Adrienne bailon Don’t have a Album out


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