New Music: Chrisette Michele f/ 2 Chainz – ‘Charades’

Chrisette Michele and 2 Chainz

Chrisette Michele soothes and seduces on her enchanting new record “Charades” off her upcoming project, Audrey Hepburn: The Mixtape. The R&B songbird adds some southern swag courtesy of 2 Chainz, who sings on the intro and raps a verse.

“If you’re wondering why I’m throwing you shade, it’s your charades,” coos Chrisette.

The collaboration shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. 2 Chainz shouted out his Def Jam labelmate (“Candlelight and Chrisette Michele”) on his song “Dope Peddler” off his debut Based on a T.R.U. Story.

Due December 8, Chrisette’s second mixtape was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. She recently took a trip to Europe to learn more about the late Hollywood legend and is working on Better, the follow-up to her 2010 album Let Freedom Reign.

[The 212]

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  1. LAX

    IT’s HOT!!!!! Love it


  2. ceresa

    2 chainz is not needed…i love her parts though.


  3. FUTUREofRnB

    2 Chainz is not needed… AT ALL. Chrisette, your voice needs NO cameo from a flavor of the minute…. ready for this mixtape in December!


    BeReal Reply:

    @FUTUREofRnB, Second that 100%. Talent is so under appreciated these days.


  4. Morgan

    2Chainz … smfh.

    Chrisette slays!!!! Can’t wait to see the mixtape cover … I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.


  5. that nigga

    2 chainz a funny mofo hahaha this nigga is ridiculous


  6. @pslovetyrek

    I f*cks with the song but, 2 chainz wasn’t need for this on real g sh*t.


  7. fqwfqw

    another bandwagon singer dickriding hot rapper features even at the expense of their own music.


  8. Kevknows

    No 2 Chainz Nooooooo! lol


  9. bluz1

    This song is too classy for a 2 chainz! I was vibin off the song UNTIl 2 chainz just f’d it all up!


  10. fam-dee

    2 chainz??? why??? he messed the song up


  11. DRB

    Great aside from the feature. Her voice is and delivery are just…. you feel her and it’s unique.


  12. Tengo Ahora

    Too much hate on 2 Chainz verses. Yeah he tried to sing a little bit and it was awkward but the song is dope and the raps only turn up the track a notch


  13. Kayla

    This is dope. I might give it a few plays if I can bring myself to stop listening to Brandy’s Two Eleven


    Tye-Tye Reply:

    @Kayla, 2-11 is the shiznit,cant stop playin it


  14. Vance

    Of ALL the rappers out there, WHY this one?


  15. Chrissy

    I remember how people were bitching when Rap-Up first announced the title of this mixtape, making a big stink over it because of Hepburn’s race and skin color. Ignorant hacks weren’t — and probably still aren’t — aware of all the work that woman did for the people of Africa. I suppose it’s easy to sit on your ass and speak ill of a deceased woman when you’re not doing a damn thing to make the world a better place.

    Anyway, love the song. Could’ve done without 2Chainz honestly.


  16. KayeV

    i really dont see the hype with this 2 Chainz dude !! i like you Chrisette but you ruined track with this Chainz dude


  17. somethingelsee

    I’d rather Drake on this song. Still dope though.


  18. Ice

    LOL 2 Chainz, I enjoyed his verse, it was a good laugh.


  19. Serving Life and Giving Seats

    I agree that 2 Chainz isn’t needed here. But music is supposed to be fun and relative. Obviously she liked him on the record for personal preference. Honestly, this would make it to radio without him. So maybe she should do a solo release of this to radio first and then do the version with him later. Other than his opening part, I love the song though. I see you Chrisette!


  20. Soaring

    I can’t take 2 Chainz dumb a** singing on the intro. Maybe this is some slight shade but to me 2 Chainz is such a remedial “rapper”. The way music and America is today though I’m not surprised acts like him are all the way hyped up. Smh love Chrisette’s voice though. She doesn’t need him on this at all.


  21. Gods son

    What goes hot must cool down (2 chainz)


  22. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    dope Beat & Song


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