Sophia Grace and Rosie Cover Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’

Rosie and Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace and Rosie won over Nicki Minaj and the rest of the country with their viral cover of “Super Bass.” For their latest act, the adorable duo covered Alicia Keys’ hit single “Girl on Fire” during their appearance on “Ellen.” Sophia held down vocals, while her cousin Rosie danced along to the drum-heavy beat. Sophia even busted out her own rhymes.

They received the stamp of approval from Alicia herself, who tweeted, “Something to make you smile.”

These little girls are definitely on fire.

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  1. Sandile

    They impressed me on allen with Moment for life


  2. MH

    This is beyond adorable. It made me love the song even more!


  3. B.I.G

    That ill girl sounded better than Alicia singing this lol


    flysly Reply:



    Michelle Reply:

    @B.I.G your a jacka** I knew some idiot had to spoil it. SMDH!! ignorant n*ggas never fail.


    B.I.G Reply:

    @Michelle, poor that


  4. Queen bee

    Aww I love this girls not , that other hoe rosie who dancing like she just got her periods


    bosschick Reply:

    @Queen bee, what the fuck? how can you call a 6 year old girl a hoe, ur so stupid they’re adorable and ur mad cuz ur some broke ass ugly hoe


  5. ,.

    Lol when she bust out that rapping that was so sweet.


  6. RihNaj

    Awwwwww love it and yep she did sound better than alicia lol


  7. Sonya

    Of course that little girl did not sound better than AK. Some people always got to be negative in some way. The two girls were very cute and I loved Rosie’s dancing. Sophia is going to be a really great performer and the rapping was extremely good.


  8. credits

    Rosie is shadowing Sophia, When she is old enough to understand that she is what latavia/letoya/kelly were of destiny’s child, she will break free. Of course she’ll be ‘torn’ but she will find the ‘motivation’ soon. hehehe jokes.


  9. bibi93



  10. have a seat

    Tired of these fake spoiled kids…why are they relevant to the show anyways?!


    Rachel Reply:

    @have a seat, Hating on children, really?


  11. OMG

    That lill girl sounded better than Alicia singing this lol [2]


  12. Sean

    Somehow I think that Alicia’s camp paid these girls to perform her song. Her camp is doing all sorts of promo to make sure this song does well.

    Still not a fan of this song, but what can ya do…


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