Alicia Keys Performs ‘Girl on Fire,’ Stars in PSA for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Alicia Keys

After Hurricane Sandy forced “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to cancel his Brooklyn show on Monday, Alicia Keys rescheduled her appearance for Friday. The New York-bred songstress didn’t have to travel far from home. Like many others, Alicia was affected by the devastating East Coast storm and had some of her musical equipment damaged by water.

During the sit-down interview, she spoke about dressing her two-year-old son Egypt as Michael Jackson for Halloween and balancing motherhood with being a pop star. To help celebrity parents like herself rediscover their badass selves, she starred in a funny PSA called “Helping Parents to Rock.”

But that wasn’t all. She capped off Jimmy’s week in Brooklyn on a high note with a performance of her hit single “Girl on Fire.”

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  1. Jake

    Not a huge fan of this song, but she sings it beautifully.


  2. Yanice




  3. Sonya

    Alicia looks and sounds great here. Loved the interview and the performance.


  4. Carl

    Damn! Alicia is sexy! She is on fire: voice, body and talent.


  5. deeJAY

    Alicia did a it again. Great performance and interview.


  6. Ursula

    I feel excited for this new Alicia project. I hope she releases another single before the album drops.


  7. Lawd A Mercy

    She is really beating this horse.


    B Reply:

    @Lawd A Mercy, it was just certified Gold and rose to 19 positions on the HOT 100 this week. WW sales are close to 700k. Not a dead horse at all.


  8. common!

    shes really beautiful….


  9. bibi93

    Beautiful alicia!!


  10. Brandy4ever

    As much as people don’t wanna hear it, Alicia’s gonna kill it again. When Element of Freedom came out it was SOLD OUT at the HMV in my town no word of a damn lie, Alicia Keys is an unstoppable force, can’t understand why so many are hating lately.


    Heather Reply:

    @Brandy4ever, “Hating” is such a strong word. As consumers/fans, I think people are entitled NOT like the song and/or singles released so far. I love Alicia, but I’m not really excited about this era. With the exception of “Not Even The King,” I’ve not yet heard anything that has blown me away. That said, when album snippets are released, I’m sure there will be many tracks on this album that will make me buy it to add to my AK collection.


    Brandy4ever Reply:

    @Heather, yeah I see what you’re saying, I agree – I’ve been finding it a LOT lately that artists’ hidden gems are their unreleased tracks on the albums! I don’t know if you’re a B Rocka fan but on Two Eleven the whole album for me is pure fire EXCEPT the two singles she released. So I’m sure it will be the same for Ms Keys. And lava lizard was the blog where I saw a lot of ‘fans’ hatin on her


    Sonya Reply:

    @Heather, Have you heard “Brand New Me”? It’s a really beautiful song and probably my favorite off her new album, so far. I also love “New Day” and “Girl On Fire” but “Brand New Me” is a very special song.


  11. kelvin

    @Lawd A Mercy, yea sorrry but youre wrong


  12. kelvin

    cant wait for album


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