Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Over Documentary, Ordered to Pay $2 Million

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne might win some, but he just lost one. The YMCMB rapper has lost his case against Quincy Jones III over the documentary Tha Carter.

In addition to losing the suit, TMZ reports that Wayne lost the countersuit that QDIII filed against him.

The jury ordered Weezy to pay Quincy $2,195,000. In his countersuit, Quincy claimed that Wayne prevented the release of the film and diminished his profit.

Wayne did not show up to court and missed his opportunity to testify because he was prohibited from flying due to his medical scare. His lawyer had no choice but to show video of Wayne’s deposition, in which he refuses to answer the lawyer’s questions.

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  1. Looney

    Bad luck for Lil Wayne, but to Quincy it’s karma.


  2. Angie

    That’s chump change to him!


  3. LanaDelReyFan

    Karma is coming for all the people this fool & YMCMB have ripped off & stolen from. Victory for Quincy!!!!


  4. Vance



  5. thedon

    lmaoo come onnnn



    He makes 25m a year. he aint sweatin


    Nicki Reply:

    @YMCMB_#1STUNNA, LOL! stop dickridin lil wayne..


    Ale Reply:

    @Nicki, He’s just stating a well known fact 2M is like 2$ for us





  8. HoodTRILL

    God forgives, and em courts don’t

    next time take your deposition seriously…chump!



    Wayne dumb as hell!


  10. flysly

    2 million dollars is NOTHING to lil wayne. chump change.


  11. ommy brown

    it’s a large ammount of money but to weezy it’s too small


  12. DEe

    Let’s not start fights with Mister Jones!!!O.O


  13. Champ

    A falling empire


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