Video: B.o.B f/ Playboy Tre – ‘Just a Sign’


B.o.B reflects on life in the video for “Just a Sign,” the latest cut off his sophomore album Strange Clouds. The Atlanta rapper drives down Pacific Coast Highway and stops on the beach to hit some golf balls. He is joined by a special lady, keeping her warm as they watch the waves. Playboy Tre also makes an appearance, visiting a cemetery to remember his fallen friends.

Take a look through Bobby Ray’s rear-view mirror.

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  1. Roro

    Why is this guy so underrated? He’s such a special artist


  2. mmm..stfu

    I love this song. when I first heard it it got repeated over and over. I agree with you @Roro. and his music is so honest


  3. da fan

    this guy is the best decision T.I has ever made…….Why is Tre always deliver on other ppl’s songs



    This is a really special song. B.o.B. is one dope artist.


  5. pour Boomz RearTue

    clearly this is a Nice video


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