Rihanna Shines Bright on ‘Wetten, dass..?’


Rihanna shined so bright she needed shades during her appearance on German TV show “Wetten, dass..?” Dressed in black-and-white Balmain, the pop star was glowing as she performed her 12th No. 1 single “Diamonds” with her band.

She received a standing ovation and flowers from the host during the star-studded gathering, which also featured performances from Alicia Keys and Pink.

RiRi later took to Twitter to express her loneliness. “Damn……. I miss my ni**a #thuglife #BFFlife,” she tweeted along with a photo of Chris Brown’s tatted arm around her.

Watch her get her shine on below.

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  1. latif

    GO GIRL..


  2. KyBreez

    I love this song, i’m liking her and she’s just killing the game … better do it in before Beyonce comes out in January!


    Vohnjhnsn Reply:

    @KyBreez, agreeded 2013 is her year beyonces just letting everybody else have there shine for a little bit and then when she comes back its over !


    meme Reply:

    @KyBreez, your kidding me right? at this point i can not see beyonce having another major hit in her career. I mean its beyonce so of course she’ll cause a lil stur when her new music drops but I’ll be very surprise if she has another #1 track or major single. The interest just isnt there anymore. At least on my end it isnt.


    NOLA Navy Reply:

    @meme, They must have forgotten what happened with 4.


    Heather Reply:

    @NOLA Navy, I seem to remember quite well what happened with 4. Same reviews — as usual — from critics over 300K sold in the first week. Oh. You tried though, hater.


    Victoria Reply:

    @meme, LMFAO. You are a very vocal Rihanna stan who rarely finds any good in artists other than your fave. Beyonce & DC were international while Rihanna was still trying to hit the simplest note in Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” As long Bey is making music, her fanbase is never going to abandon her. People are hungry for real music from real singers, not gimmicks.


    justsaying Reply:

    @Victoria, yet y’all negros don’t buy this “real music” i.e. brandy when it drops lol…..


    JackieJackie Reply:




  3. Pereezy,YMCMB MMG, Hey haters╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

    If I were a Girl I would Like to be Just like RihRih. She’s soo… Everything to me.


  4. Ken Evolution

    I wanted to come on here hating but this was one of her best performances vocally an she looks beautiful, love it.Keep it up RiRi





    AAA Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, your life has to go


  6. meme

    them vocals tho. I could never understand for the life of how ppl can say she cant sing live. She has such a beautiful voice.


  7. Joyams

    wow she killed it


  8. sharquality

    I swear this song just keeps growing on me. Love the performance hate the hair tho.


  9. AAA

    Rihanna really really has improved vocally, this is was a real great performance


  10. justme

    this is horrible I’m sorry this song is a smash.. just face it.. Rihanna live performance will never be better than the studio recorded version


  11. Kristiopher

    I like rihannas swag bruh! But whoever said 2013 is beyonces time! You’re right!! King b isn’t fina play


    Trace Reply:

    @Kristiopher, She damn sho ain’t!!!


  12. JackieJackie

    What I don’t seem to understand is why so many Beyance fans such negative things to say about Rihanna. Bey is talented and came first, but Rih is talented and is hot right now. Nobody has to be bitter about it. Both women are completely different and make different music, but theres no denyin that Rih is killin it.


  13. Arie

    Rihanna is having a really good year everything seems to be falling into place.


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