Video: Bridget Kelly – ‘Special Delivery’

Bridget Kelly

With Christmas around the corner, Bridget Kelly delivers an early gift to her fans with the video for “Special Delivery.” The Roc Nation singer pens a heartfelt letter before driving to the seaside, where she puts it in a bottle and throws it into the water. The New York native dedicates the clip to the memory of Coney Island, which was ravaged after Hurricane Sandy.

Bridget is currently in the studio working on her debut album. Last year, she showcased her talents on her EP Every Girl, which featured contributions from The-Dream, Ne-Yo, and Frank Ocean (“Thinking About Forever”).

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  1. Special Delivery

    She is so underrated, love this song!


    Dante Reply:

    @Special Delivery, this! x100


  2. Glamour Puss

    Wow. Nicely written track. Her voice is very forgettable though.


  3. flawda

    Briget Kelly’s voice is dope, i suggest you youtube some videos before you make stupid statements like that. She sings Empire State of Mind better than Alicia Keys yelling ass.


  4. Audrey Hepburn

    She looks like Nicole Schlingerdinger. :)


  5. shell82

    Hurry hurry please Mr postman… my whole house love this song


  6. Shaunie

    Bridget your a beast ! im a fan
    please continue :)


  7. wonderland19

    I didnt connect with this song at all.I think because its too dated RnB. When Frank Ocean wrote ‘Thinking About Forever’ for her, i was like “YESSS BINGO! shes got a hit on her hands. Fresh and original”. She needs more fresh, interesting music with better produces. This is just lazy RnB. “Seek and Destroy” was a great start.


  8. RnBLover

    Great Song


  9. lies

    i can’t put my finger about it..something about her reads old….i can’t tell if its her face or her face


  10. Chloe Spade

    Blah. So typical. No star quality. She sounds like 100000 other wannabe R&B chicks.


  11. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    nice music video


  12. Asa

    Talent. Love her.


  13. THE.DoT

    I loved it….staying in rotation.

    I really appreciate when ‘we’ pay homage to the greats that came before us.

    This has a vintage vibe to it, reminiscent of “Kiss & Say Goodbye”…by the Manhattans.

    Meaningful, witty lyrics w/lovely vocals.


  14. Say What?

    My jam


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