New Music: Luke James – ‘Whispers in the Dark’ [Mixtape]

Whispers in the Dark

As 2012 comes to a close and a new year begins, all eyes are on Luke James. The New Orleans singer-songwriter, who has written for artists including Britney Spears and Chris Brown, delivers his latest mixtape Whispers in the Dark. The bulk of the 11 tracks were produced by his New Age Rock Stars label boss Danja including “Oh God,” which features a verse from Hit-Boy.

Luke is already making major moves. He was just nominated for Best R&B Performance for his single “I Want You,” receiving a congratulatory note from Beyoncé, who cast him in her “Run the World (Girls)” video.

Get familiar with this rising R&B star by downloading the soulful project below.

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  1. KyBreez

    So before i post and listen, I’m expecting sooooo much from this mixtape so lets see…


    KyBreez Reply:

    @KyBreez, Its not bad but I prefer the first mixtape way more! i really hope the official album will be more like the first mixtape. this one feel more acclaimed rnb somewhat of a Frank Ocean status (which is still GOOD music). Last mix was more from different angles like i felt alittle Michael on it and maybe a more of popular rnb/pop (i also added Just Might Die and the piano version of Hurt me). Thinking about it tho Frank has 5/6 grammy noms so maybe i just need to accept this for what the future album maybe lol.


  2. Baddest

    yaasssssss i remember him opening at Beyonce’s Revel Concert… he is an AMAZING singer !!!!!!!!!!


  3. vladica07

    Im so excited he has put out another mixtape,it was about time!I hope he wins the award because his music is amazing!I hope he makes his big break soon because it’s not fair that people sleep on him anymore!!


  4. Heather

    I’m loving this. BTW, does anyone know what happened to Q ?


  5. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    pretty gud song


  6. Jasmine

    I LOVE this man his voice,his music just everything about him
    Very Sexy!! We need more artist like him


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