New Music: T.I. f/ A$AP Rocky – ‘Wildside’

T.I. and A$AP Rocky

He may be the King, but T.I.’s life is not as glamorous as it seems. The Atlanta rapper navigates life’s windy road as he reflects on his past on “Wildside,” his dark collaboration with A$AP Rocky. Days before his eighth album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head drops, Tip officially unleashes the No I.D.-produced song on his YouTube page.

“I’m basically just narrating my childhood and what I come from and giving people some insight into why I am the way I am and why some of the things that happen to me only happen to me and they wouldn’t happen to anyone else ’cause they’re specific in my upbringing,” Tip told “A lot of motherf**kers just see the outcome and see the things that I go through. They see the effect, but I’m narrating the cause a little bit for ‘em.”

Take a walk on the “Wildside” with the King.

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  1. max

    this is one of badass song in this album!!


  2. yooooooooo

    great song absolutely love it, flows so well!! PEOPLE NEED TO BUY THIS ALBUM, ITS A CLASSIC- GRAMMY WORTHY!


  3. Fuad

    Definitely the best album of year.!! I’m still totally in shock over how complete a masterpiece it is. Do yourself a favor and buy it December 18..

    And I’m not even the biggest T.i

    But it is the best album I have heard in many years..


  4. Hugh



  5. @Bruno_Tip

    curtii d+ essa


  6. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    dope I like it


  7. sean



  8. Aunt Cookie

    I love this song Wildside. I love my nephew Asap Rocky, A true product/survivor of life on the Wildside.


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