DJ Khaled Announces New Album ‘Suffering From Success’

DJ Khaled

Success is taking its toll on DJ Khaled. After proclaiming We the Best Forever and making his haters Kiss the Ring, the Cash Money DJ has come up with a bold title for his seventh album, Suffering From Success.

In a video trailer, he reflects on his achievements by showing off his plaques, awards, and magazine covers. He later sits down with MTV’s Sway Calloway and reveals how a trip to the doctor inspired the new title.

After becoming concerned about a bald spot that was developing on his beard, he finally paid a visit to the doctor. During the 45-minute session, he was told that he was “suffering from success.”

“I looked at [the doctor] and I was like, ‘That might have been the realest thing you could tell me and it opened my mind up to say, ‘Success comes with stress and happiness,’” he said.

When he left the doctor’s office, it dawned on him to name the album Suffering From Success. The star-studded set is due later this year.

Khaled’s latest album Kiss the Ring debuted at No. 4 in August and spawned the hit singles “Take It to the Head” and “I Wish You Would” featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross.

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  1. Thomas Leone

    a new album that he will not do nothin on it… I mean, he doesn’t produce, he doesn’t rap,he just screams(so annoying) in every song… & producers & rappers keep givin him money… smh


    troof Reply:

    @Thomas Leone, WE THE BEST


    Avon Reply:

    @Thomas Leone, Dj Khaled does scream yes, but do you realize that he is the one the produces every song on his albums, his name is “DJ” which means he provides the music, he is not a rapper, DJ Khaled albums are made as templates for big features thats why there filled with all the rappers at once and that leads to future collaborations, you gotta pay attention to the cycle. Do you understand now?


    tgod Reply:

    @Avon, tell them


    Brad Reply:

    @Avon, actually no. He CO-produces about 1/4 of every album “he” puts out. All he does is scream. These rappers must owe him something because he doesn’t do a damn thing.


    Thomas Leone Reply:

    @Avon, actually he doesn’t produce anything. The Runners used to produce his album tracks, now is J Beats, Mike Will etc…(the same producers on every mixtape).


    ik Reply:

    @Thomas Leone,

    thank you for correcting that ignorant statement that he produces all his music.he used to produce back then using the name beat Novacane but doesnt anymore. ppl please fact check before typing.


    Hov Reply:

    @ik, lol all of you are dumbasses and dont know what the fuck your talking about, just stop please


    randy Reply:

    @Avon, what credits have you been reading fam. clearly absolutely none, he doesnt produce. since when has being a dj implied that you are a producer?lol you are completely talking out of your ass. niggas just making up facts these days smh. read the booklet


    Ant Reply:

    @Thomas Leone, He doesn’t really produce any of his songs.. but he’s the one who puts the tracks together. He comes up with the idea, features, producers, etc.


    Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol Reply:

    @Thomas Leone, You Be sleepin’ on Bulls**t



    LMAOO success?
    none of your album has sold more than 300,000 copies


    jeroem Reply:

    @QUEEN MINAJ, that’s what i thought a first , flop album, flop single . The only single that was good on his last album was Hip Hop with scarface , Nas .


    ewrew Reply:

    @jeroem, typical bitter ass stuck in the 90′s hipster. khaled albums have alot of good songs.”the only good single” man get the fuk outta here hating ass nigga


  3. Sharp Tongue

    Why is he alive?


  4. Speechless

    So this was all over a bald spot? Really? Is he freaking serious?


  5. Prouy of Uk 2013

    he will be doing those Weird ass remix to his song that will feature any artist that he can get on them damn album



    More like ‘Suffering from Obesity’, this guy’s career is really a flop.. he doesn’t do anything on his albums, never spits on a track.. and always put out failing albums, he needs to quit.. this is why he sold 30k in a week!


  7. raines

    Is this a hate site or WTF?? Everybody is whinning in every f*cking topic, like they all have more succes… :’)

    You whinning/hating people are the pathetic one..

    I like his music, the features he brings like i’m on one, welcome to my hood,… If he gives us more songs like that I say THANK YOU!!



  8. shak

    Will buy.


  9. shak

    i change my mind i might buy


  10. Chri$

    i love all his albums. there are so many classics on ‘em. love to here the new album!!! an yeah, stop hating on every fu**** topic its lame!!


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @Chri$, Are you sure you like his music? Or you just wanna suck his d*ck? Because that’s what it sounds like. o.O


  11. Jazzzzz

    Terrible name for an album.


  12. nikkr

    hes a fat fucking prick, another ymcmb nobhead. WE THE BEST…no, no you’re not.


  13. yiiki godwill

    solid Album #YMCMB @DJKhalid


  14. @$ylarjames

    fuck all you haters YMCMB WE THE BEST ITS TO EAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. saio

    no thanks
    i still wait for dj drama next album
    i dont lissening to arabs like khaled


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    [...] and it opened my mind up to say, ‘Success comes with stress and happiness,’” he told MTV [...]

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