New Music: LuvaBoy TJ f/ Chris Brown – ‘Jumping Out the Plane’

Jumping Out the Plane

Amidst his feud with Frank Ocean, Chris Brown makes an appearance on a new track by his CBE artist LuvaBoy TJ. On “Jumping Out the Plane,” produced by Unique Weirdo, Breezy raps about bad bitches and money, while LuvaBoy gets high on the computerized hook. Hear them take flight.


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  1. Ethan



  2. Mumu

    Stop Autotunes!! I don’t like when Chris brown raps !! this music sucks!! Déja vue


  3. And Your Point IS?

    This shit is wack, real tlk. You can do better.


  4. Miszi

    The beat needs mastering, the new guy needs less autotune and Chris Brown…well his part was nice but he can do better for sure. Can’t wait for Carpe Diem.


  5. Jade

    The lyrics are weaker than a muhfu*ka.


  6. Prouy of Uk 2013

    dope beat & the lyric is totally weird


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