New Music: Maejor Ali f/ Juicy J and Justin Bieber – ‘Lolly’


Bei Maejor re-emerges with a new name and a brand new single. After releasing a series of mixtapes, the Detroit singer-songwriter returns as Maejor Ali, joining forces with Juicy J and Justin Bieber for an unexpected collaboration.

The self-produced “Lolly” boasts a seductive hook from Maejor and a rapping Bieber, who boasts about bagging chicks and popping Pellegrino, while Juicy J throws bandz and gets high on his provocative verse.

Hit the sweet spot below.

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  1. And Your Point IS?

    Yeah i’d rock out to this in the club & what’s up with the name change?


  2. Charice

    Omg omg I love thisss


  3. dreader

    love the song,dilike the name, HATE JUSTIN BEIBER


  4. Jennie

    @dreader, who’s Justin Beiber?


  5. dreader

    @Jennie Machende ako


  6. dreader

    @Jennie, machende ako


  7. Truth

    Why the hell he change his name bei Maejor was an awseome stage name


  8. diyana

    popped a pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water im sweatin woo


  9. diyana

    justin how you gon go from putting on a yellow raincoat to rapping about ur penis? is a yellow raincoat a luxury condom brand or wha


  10. diyana

    first i park my car then i “got your girlfriend at my crib watching netflix”


  11. diyana

    first I got u eating fondue THEN I pop the san pellegrino


  12. Chauncey

    Bieber’s verse sounds better than anything Wayne has put out as of late. Sad.

    Also, dislike the name change.


    jerry Reply:

    @Chauncey, that’s such a cliche thing to say. Just an empty sneek diss to lil wayne that actually holds little to no truth to it.


  13. Ice

    Bei Maejor = B Major, It was a genius name. Maejor Ali sucks. Songs hot though.


    sa Reply:

    @Ice, how was it genius to spel a common phrase with 2 extra letters. thats not even his real name


    osu Reply:

    @sa, lol


  14. RP

    Love Bei Maejor, but he will always be Bei Maejor. I can’t stand this when people want to go and suddenly change their stage names! Same thing with Rock City changing to stupid Planet VI. Annoying.


  15. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice song





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