Prince Rocks ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’


In addition to Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon celebrated his four-year anniversary with another music icon, Prince. The pop legend and his all-female band performed two songs on “Late Night” including “Screwdriver” and “Bambi,” which can be downloaded on his website. During his rocking set, he borrowed a guitar from The Roots, throwing it on the floor for the finale.

“#Prince borrows @kirklloyd guitar, uses during @LateNightJimmy show, refuses to autograph THEN slams it to floor in the end! #rockgodstatus,” tweeted Black Thought.

Prince will kick off a West Coast tour in mid-April. Get a preview of what you can expect below.

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  1. yooo

    this alone makes every artist featured on this site look like a complete joke.


    BreezyLover Reply:


    Soooooo TRUE!


    Fa Reply:

    @yooo, hahahahahaha
    that is exactly what I thought
    real recognizes real


  2. tzone

    so true.. prince to me still is the or otherwise…


    Mr.Lee Reply:

    @tzone, Your right,you can’t beat someone that loves what they do…


  3. D. Kellz

    I love prince true artist and true legend still making great music. This will probably get 5 comments which is sad because even at 27 I love all the legends because they were true musicians and sung with soul and passion and did music for the love of it. I always wonder about my generation they don’t know real music.


  4. AKMF27

    Never a dull performance or song…he always reinvents the wheel! The GOD PRINCE!


  5. go go go


    True music


  6. Nasir

    I really enjoyed both performances. Nobody puts on a show like Prince!


  7. CAP TO LA

    Prince my LOVE I have been by your side when u were 17 years old.and still and always will..we are the same age.U r and always will be the Greatest preformer and axe man EVER…so under rated.Keep everyone AWARE that u r the #1 preformer then ,now, and always…
    Love u my friend
    PS..That Beautiful Face!!!


  8. wiz kharuzo

    beautiful guitar in hand


  9. Wakeup&Dream

    Rock N roll is alive and it lives in Minneapolis.


  10. victor

    illuminated from hell, but the music is very good


  11. whitechocolate

    homeboy always kills it and that is not a question. okay then bye bye now.


  12. Seven

    It amazes me how you idiots condone such behavior. He smashed someone’s property. I could careless if he’s a well known artist, if he was an ordinary musician there would be a hell of a backlash. He should be reprimanded and should pay it back.


  13. Truth uk britishoman



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