Taylor Swift and Nelly Perform ‘Hey Porsche’ in St. Louis

Nelly and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made headlines when she brought out T.I., B.o.B, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and Nelly during her “Speak Now” tour. During her visit to St. Louis for her “Red” tour on Tuesday, the country sweetheart was once again joined by hometown hero Nelly, who previously performed “Just a Dream” with her in Houston in 2011.

“I mostly think of the fact that one of my favorite artists is from here. What would you say if I told you that Nelly is here?” Taylor asked the crowd before bringing him on stage.

Her fans went wild as the two dueted on Nelly’s latest hit “Hey Porsche,” with T. Swift singing along to the lyrics.

“St Louis, you were insanely loud and fun and amazing. Thanks for coming, guys. And a huge thank you to @Nelly_Mo for coming out to sing!!!” tweeted Taylor.

Nelly tweeted her back, writing, “anytime lillady!!!!Keep swervin on Dem!!!”

Watch them team up in the Lou.

Photo credit: wakeupandbeawesome

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  1. Beyonce is TAKING OVA 2013



  2. Brian

    Seriously this girl is a attention wh.ore she is performing with every artist to get a bigger fanbase


    Mike Reply:

    @Brian, dumbass!! thats WHY ppl collaborate/feature and perform together…to gain a bigger fanbase…


    Megan Reply:

    @Brian, agreed. she’s such an attention seeking whore. even since highschool. she can fool her fans, but the people who actually know her beneath all the glitter know the truth. Ask anyone in her hometown. Ask her ex backup singer Liz.


  3. KJ

    @Brian Why are you pressed though?


  4. channelPink



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