Kelly Rowland Talks New Album, Beyoncé’s ‘Bow Down,’ & Jamie Foxx’s Flirting

Kelly Rowland

While in Atlanta recording her new album, Kelly Rowland paid a visit to DJ Drama on Shade 45. The R&B diva spoke about her new music, collaborating with Wiz Khalifa, and getting hit on by Jamie Foxx during the Oscars pre-show.

She defended Beyoncé’s “Bow Down” against the critics and revealed that she has heard B’s upcoming album, which she calls “ridiculous.”

While she hasn’t spoken to her “Motivation” collaborator Lil Wayne since his health scare, she did wish him well. “I want him to get some rest,” said Kelly.

She once again nixed rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion tour (“We haven’t talked about that”), but did share details about her own album Talk a Good Game, which includes production from Pharrell, T-Minus, Boi-1da, Rico Love, and more.

On Jamie Foxx flirting with her during the Oscars pre-show: “Jamie is a friend of mine. That was very weird. That’s my buddy. I love Jamie. We’re actually going to do a film together. That’s actually what he was getting at was the film.”

On her new album: “I just went back to my roots on this specific record. Every song just reminded me of a great moment in R&B that I felt—from the first time I cut the radio on when I was here in Atlanta and I heard Pebbles and Babyface and New Edition to the first time my mama played an old ’50s record, which I have from P on there. It’s just really amazing how R&B has just been able to express itself and evolve through years and time and through different artists. I just got a chance to do that this record and it felt so good.”

On Lil Wayne: “It’s really hard for somebody to pull you out of a space or a zone. I’ve seen Wayne in the studio, I’ve seen how late this man stays up, I’ve seen how passionate he is, and I remember us just being in the studio talking till about five or six in the morning. … But he does this all the time. He works so hard and sometimes somebody’s gotta tell you to chill or you gotta tell yourself to chill.”

On Beyoncé’s “Bow Down”: “She is an artist. She is allowed to express herself however she wants and I think that there’s nothing wrong with that. I also know, because that is my sister, I have heard everything else on the record. I’m just excited for what she has in store for her fans. I think that’s what’s so beautiful about B is she always wants to make sure she has something special for her fans and I can’t wait till they hear all of that.”

On the Houston remix to Beyoncé’s “I Been On”: “I actually have a record that I wanted Bun B or Slim Thug or Scarface on, so I can’t do it now.”

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  1. Critics

    Count on Kelly to always to support her sister.


  2. Kyle

    I am so excited to hear her and Beyonce’s new albums. From what Kelly said about her album, it seems like it’s gonna be a hit.


  3. @KodakMoment

    Who finna hate! TYPE


  4. kelly

    kelly better jump on jamie, its rare to find a black man who social aware like mr fox. All these years and him and samual are still down, not all upty like the others


  5. woody2276

    Here’s the thing: NO ONE in the industry has stood up and said they actually like Beyonce’s song, ‘Bow-Down.’ Like Kelly Rowland, all they say is, “she should be able to express herself as an artist.” Well, No One has tried to challenge her creative freedom. We just saying that ‘Bow-Down’ is a whack song..period. And ain’t nobody feeling it. At least we can be honest as listerners…too bad her ‘friends’ are not as honest. The song is whack and beneath the talent of Beyonce.


  6. woody2276



  7. tera

    kelly dont need jamie in her life trey songz is there or somebody else


  8. Iluvkelly

    Im really excited about Kellys new record as well as Bey. I’m really happy with the direction Kelly is going with her career. She so deserves it! As for Bey she should be able to express what she is feeling in her music but if you release something tht is so far from what you portray be prepared for the backlash. What bothered me in this interview tho is she mentioned she had plans on trying to work with Bun B, Scarface or Slim… seems to me like someone idea was stolen. Maybe next time keep sum of your musical plans 2 yerself cause “your sister” is known to copy, steal & take ppls idea and say she was inspired by it. We know you love her and so do I, by no means am I tryn to pend the 2 against one another but Kelly please be careful about allowing ppl to hear your fresh new ideas. At the end of the day it is a business…. #justsayin


    rqw Reply:

    @Iluvkelly, you she should be able to express what her writers are feeling


  9. JFB

    i cant wait for this woman’s album….


  10. IV.

    Kelly girl you better call up those rappers just because Bey used doesn’t mean you can gor


  11. kate

    i love you kelly. you are so sweet. beautiful inside and outside


  12. Beyonce's cousin

    I love my cuz Beyonce and stand behind her 100%. She will give you the inside scoop behind the music at the right time. So stay tuned.


  13. loise

    trey song said he was in love with kelly , and jamie is mad about her


  14. Bela Vistaf

    Why r ppl steady tryin to set Kelly up when she has said she is involved? In the Sexy shoot she & Trey Songz did for Ebony they BOTH revealed they had someone. One is in the industry & the other isn’t.


  15. lexi

    Excited for her album, but just like ciara they promo is really nothing, please get it together.


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