Video: Lil Twist – ‘Understand Me’

Lil Twist

Lil Twist has been receiving flak for his influence on Justin Bieber. But the 20-year-old Young Money rapper could care less. In the video for “Understand Me,” he brushes off his haters and boasts about his flashy lifestyle.

“Getting money, fu**ing hos, understand me/ Stacking paper, rocking shows, understand me,” raps Twist in a dark graffitied warehouse.

The track will appear on his upcoming mixtape Wake Up, due April 20.

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  1. KeepItReal

    he’s a flop. his album is never coming out


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @KeepItReal, exactly the industry does not need him


    Trs Reply:

    @KeepItReal, lol


  2. Kaybee

    Fuck this hoe ass nigga he will never blow. The only hit he had was love affair


    Truth Reply:

    @Kaybee, even that song wasnt a hit lmao



    why hey got (official music video) in brackets though? Like vevo about to endorse this cr/p!

    P.S. Yo azz is lame just like those birds who signed you!!!


  4. Truth

    I never hate on someones hustle but this dudes career just isnt gonna go anywhere. keep getting that money tho


  5. Elvis

    Gimmick there’s about 5 other rappers doing this exact type of music but better, come up with something original twist


  6. Laina

    he should consider applying to college. He cant rap ! the only show he can rock is when he’s waiting for bieber backstage.


  7. Kol

    Gave him a chance, but its been trash year after year.


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