New Music: Janelle Monáe f/ Erykah Badu – ‘Q.U.E.E.N.’


Ladies stand up. Janelle Monáe jams with Erykah Badu on the funky female anthem “Q.U.E.E.N.,” the first release from her upcoming album The Electric Lady.

The song comes with instructions from Janelle. “Q.U.E.E.N. was inspired by private discussions between Erykah and me. It is meant to make you JAM. DANCE. FUNK OUT. and dialogue later…” she tweeted.

The Electric Lady marks the follow-up to Janelle’s 2010 critically-acclaimed album The ArchAndroid.

Bow down to the “Q.U.E.E.N.”

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  1. Trey



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  2. Connectarian

    YES! Genius (squared). Excited for this sophore effort!!! Janelle is SUCH a great role model for ALL, especially young women.


  3. Charmaine

    HOT! We need to get a video from Ms Janelle and Erykah! I’m ready for the new album, The Electric Lady.


  4. Dat goes mad hard

    WOW get the get down. That is my song honeychild boo boo kitty meow meow le-meow


  5. Keyshia

    Yes and yes! Honey…this had me out my seat and acting a fool!!! The BOOTY DON’T LIE!!


  6. ed

    So amazing.


  7. alexis

    totally have a girl crush on her. she is the shit. love janelle!!!


  8. 3 chainz



  9. !!!



  10. Electric Lady



  11. Onye

    This is hot and funky! So refreshing to hear Janelle again. I’m excited about the album


  12. sir Walter Raleigh

    This song is it. I’m more in love with Janelle than I thought I could be. Incredible lyrics and shorty got flow.


  13. Kyle

    Wowowowowowowowowow, thanks for this Janelle and thanks for asking Erykah to be a part of this. I am more than ready for a new album. Getting this song and a new track from Kelis on the same day has made my Monday!!!


  14. zhazha

    this right here is the bizness.


  15. [email protected]

    Dopeness and a half!!! Seriously!!!


  16. Kendall Gresham

    Absolutely love this JAM!! Cannot get enough of it.


  17. Krzysztof

    amazing ladies! Waiting for the Electric Lady!!!!


  18. Julio Plantain

    Funk overload. I got my life tonight, and that rap took me even higher.


  19. rebeKah

    Love ALL that Ms. Monae has got to say!!! Can’t wait for the ELECTRIC LADY!


  20. Isaac Kirkman

    Brilliant, and uplifting.


  21. Ron

    LOVE this record. I mean LOVELOVELOVELOVE THIS. Can’t wait to hear more fruits of Janelle Monae’s labor!! The Electric Lady is going to be another masterpiece and this song perfectly kicks it off!


  22. Jessica

    This isn’t your run-of-the-mill track. It’s not your typical, boring, unoriginal song like you hear on the radio. This song is EVERYTHING! Hip hop meets funk meets jazz meets punk. 3 years was WELL worth the wait.
    Dope music with intelligent, positive lyrics. And Janelle can SPIT! LOVE THIS!


  23. RaiFilmDroid

    This music is what LIFE is about.


  24. Nelson Scola

    Hell YEAH!!!!


  25. Freeda

    This shit is funky! Only Janelle can do 90s riffs, talk about booty & rap all on the same record & not sound like an idiot!


  26. Ratchet

    This is very ‘New Amerykah: Party One’. I love it!


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  28. Tahir

    This is gonna be an summer anthem!


  29. Jay B

    The Electric Lady has returned.


  30. Tahir

    i knew Janelle could rap, but i did NOT know she could SPIT!!!!!!


  31. imaginAvi

    Even if it makes others uncomfortable… I’m freakin loving this. They know what they’re talking about! The booty don’t lie.


  32. Ari

    This was so worth the 3 year wait. Can’t rush genius.


  33. Nastassia

    Perfect musical match! Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu bringing the funk, knowledge (that rap JANE!) and flyness on this track. Awesome!


  34. eww

    looks like ciara and lady gaga


  35. Dee

    I love how original this song is. I think I found my summer jam. Definitely excited to hear the rest of the album.


  36. RapLovhn



  37. Jessica

    STILL dying over this track!


  38. Kate

    Yas! This is music


  39. Kim

    I just fell in looovee


  40. georgia23

    MUSIC!!!! I love this!!! THIS is what we should be putting out to our people!!! Don’t get me wrong now, I love a good ratchet anthem as much as anybody else. But we HAVE to put the press on radio and video for records like this with a message to be played just as much!


  41. gi ou di

    El beat es parecido a las melodías de los juegos de Sonic The Hedgehog para Sega Genesis.


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  43. Joey

    I love this song!! But Janelle lost her unique sound, this sounds exactly like an Amerie record! But since Amerie isn’t being around with new music you don’t hear me complain!


  44. Devon



  45. Len1975

    I love it and this was the perfect callaboration!!!


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