will.i.am Brings ‘#thatPOWER’ to ‘Ellen’


With his album #willpower in stores this week, will.i.am brought his Justin Bieber-assisted single “#thatPOWER” to life on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday. The platinum hitmaker performed synchronized dance moves much like the choreography in the futuristic music video.

He also showed off his customized dream car, which he built to promote education. “I made that car so the kids in my neighborhood can feel proud that they got an education in science via building something tangible,” he said.

#willpower is expected to sell 21-24,000 copies in its first week.

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  1. Lisa

    This guy is such a clown..


  2. Speechless

    He should just NOT make solo music. Ever. Leave that to Fergie.


  3. Jayceon Taylor

    Tumbleweed should of went across the stage. Awkward


  4. ludo_music

    pathetic : /


  5. Tori

    21k-24k? Damn son! Bet you will leave that dance shit alone next time huh? Lol #flopPower


    CBE Reply:

    @Tori, LOL! with all the top 5 singles he has on the album and he sells that amount, I almost chocked on my cereals.


    Tori Reply:

    @CBE, LOL! All them top 5 singles were shit anyways. The only reason scream and shout did well was because of Britney. I knew it was due for a flush down the toilet. He needs to have several seats and leave the solo shit to Fergie. #NEXT


  6. someone

    choregraphy cool song cool william live lame


  7. Pereezy YMCMB.MMG

    OMG!!! This Ni**a is a certified Flop, Unless he makes a Remix and Call Wayne to Kill it and take it to the other Level.



  8. CBE

    damn not even 50k Will? with all lluminati symbolism in your vids smh…

    singles artist right there.


  9. Fa

    He seems like a very nice guy with shitty taste!
    He dresses like a London club kid of age 17, but he is not 17!
    I can’t believe he is the same guy that produced the first fes BEP albums! Those were good times!


  10. PrinceJawsh



  11. AJ

    lol… most expensive flop ever


  12. King B

    leave him alone ok!!! he’s album is about to debut at #200 which is not bad at all! But what was that though?


  13. mel

    ayyy, he’s dancing again lol


  14. most dance albums dont sell

    Dance albums don’t sell..check out Katy Perry’s album #’s. BUT the singles, especially his singles, sell millions!! So trust me, he’s not thinking bout that 21-24k projection. Hes makin his money off of touring and publishing!


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