Video: John Legend f/ Rick Ross – ‘Who Do We Think We Are’

John Legend

John Legend invites you to the party of the year in his sexiest video yet for “Who Do We Think We Are” featuring Rick Ross. The dapper crooner hosts a lavish mansion soirée, where guests dress up and dress down.

In the explicit version of The Great Gatsby-inspired clip, he makes out with half-naked models, who smoke cigarettes and prance around him, while others stay dripped in jewels and boa constrictors.

The G.O.O.D. Music singer’s album Love in the Future, co-produced by Kanye West and Dave Tozer, will arrive on September 3.

Watch the clean and explicit versions below.

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  1. Ice

    Nice videos, but are the explicit versions that necessary. Its as if showing breasts suddenly make a video more artistic.


    steven Reply:

    @Ice, agreed. I find that these images cheapen the video actually. A soul record like this doesn’t need these visuals. Why not show powerful images of black love? Instead, John Legend shows he is desperate for record sales and strategically trying to attract a stronger male audience with these oversexualized and misrepresented images of women. I encourage you all to view the documentary MISSRepresentation, which addresses this very dilemma. Very sad that a guy like John Legend (who graduated from an ivy league school), turns around and uses his platform to represent women as only sex objects rather celebrating them as strong and intellectually adept. We can do better, people. We can and we must.


  2. Dar

    i don’t understand the need to water down such a strong, soulful record with so-called adult images. it’s tired, and it speaks more to marketing than true creativity in my opinion. it just comes off cheap, i’m sorry. clearly John Legend is more interested in view counts than what most of us perceive as true artistry.


  3. Sheed

    Its okaybut i beerly saw him in it singing…he may hv over did the super slim models..


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