New Music: Meek Mill – ‘Levels’

Meek Mill

Meek Mill declares his elite status on the braggadocio-fueled “Levels.” The Maybach Music MC boasts about his money, cars, and women on the rattling street record, produced by Cardo Got Wings.

“Little ni**a, we don’t rock the same clothes, f**k the same hos, ’cause there’s levels to this shit,” he spits.

His mixtape Dreamchasers 3 was supposed to drop this month, but it has been delayed.

Get on his level.

[Karen Civil]

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  1. Marcus

    Meek fell off hard


  2. sd

    same shit different toilet


  3. Yeezus Christ

    who the hell is paying this lame for this crap? i could write better lyrics than this, also same repetitive beats made by crappy black guys jockin others sound smh


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  5. Yah Can Suck A Dick

    Damn all yall knees are looking pretty dirty this shit go hard as fuck yah haters cause it levels to this shit


  6. Kim

    Meek Mill sound like a hater with these lyrics, gross


  7. Levels

    @Yeezus Christ You obviously rockin the same clothes and f***ing the same hoes.


  8. turquoise.

    he’s boring zzzzz.


  9. dd

    same boring shit… talk about something else wackass


  10. Rayo

    Too bad there are no “Levels” to Meek Mill’s talent.


  11. Bitches In Paris

    Wow not surprised at how bad this song sucks.


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  13. kull

    how come meek mill is selling out shows,last time i checked numbers don’t lie so people may hate meek but he is still on point there is levels to the shit


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