New Music: 2 Chainz f/ Pharrell – ‘Feds Watching’

Feds Watching

2 Chainz earned a No. 1 debut and a Grammy nomination for his breakthrough album Based on a T.R.U. Story. But the in-demand rapper is not slowing down. Fresh off his performance at Summer Jam on Sunday, the Hairweave Killer returns with the Pharrell-assisted “Feds Watching,” the first single off his sophomore album.

The Atlanta rapper boasts about his fashion game (“Mr. Comme des Garçons, Mr. Alexander Wang”) and come-up (“grams to Grammys”), while The Neptunes producer provides the slinky hook.

“I’ma be fresh as hell if the feds watching/ Drop top, head boppin’,” raps 2 Chainz on the catchy chorus.

The song is now available on iTunes, while his album arrives September 10.

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  1. yeap

    Garbage. The hook is catchy, though. Hope Pharrell didn’t do a wack song with Azealia Banks, too.


    Bobby Reply:

    @yeap, Azealia Banks is never weak. Real talk.


    Zack Reply:

    @Bobby, hahahahahhhaahahahah you misspeld always

    2 chainz is a mystery. His raps are horrible, but his flow and atyle are a amazing, that really saves him.


  2. Jessica Biel

    2 chainz sounds like Hov


    Keep Calm and King Me Reply:

    @Jessica Biel, Are you high are something?


    DJ Eternity Reply:

    @Jessica Biel, sounds like hov? your clearly trippin’


  3. Ice

    I’m shocked that I love this.


  4. Deidre

    Now, Tauheed ….


  5. The Shaded Truth

    2 Chainz raps are weak as ever BUT that beat goes so hard! I just need the instru.


  6. Mrunhateable

    I’m sorry, call me a hater, but am I the only one that thinks 2chains sounds like a poor imitation of lil wayne??


    Yuuung Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, me too man ahah


  7. Yeezus Christ

    lol this is garbage


  8. Noiseless

    the great fall off begins..


  9. Comme des garcons

    He said ‘Comme’ in Comme des Garcons wrong. I think the beat doesn’t fit with 2 Chainz style.


  10. nick

    Who is alexander wayne?Kanye mentioned him and now suddenly every rapper knows him abd will be mentioning him


    Grace Reply:

    @nick, Alexander WANG. He’s a designer.


    Nick Reply:

    @nick, bye


  11. Kim

    2 chainz rap style remind of iggyazaela a little, like the country is exaggerated


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