Jay Sean Reveals Cover Art, Tracklisting for ‘Neon’


After several delays, Jay Sean has unveiled the cover and tracklisting for his fourth album Neon. Due July 30, the 14-track follow-up to 2009’s All or Nothing includes the singles “Where You Are” and the Rick Ross-assisted “Mars,” plus appearances from Ace Hood (“All on Your Body”) and Busta Rhymes (“Break of Dawn”).

“The album is the best piece of work I’ve done to date, without a doubt in the last 10 years,” the Cash Money crooner told Rap-Up TV. “This album is a mixture of R&B, of pop, of some rock influence as well, of hip-hop influence. It’s just all of the great genres that I love and I grew up on in one. The songwriting and production on this album is superb. It really took us a long time to get it right, but I’m so proud of it.”

See the tracklisting below.

Neon Tracklisting

1. “Neon”
2. “Luckiest Man”
3. “Words”
4. “Where You Are”
5. “Guns and Roses”
6. “Mars” feat. Rick Ross
7. “Miss Popular”
8. “Close to You”
9. “Deep End”
10. “Worth It All”
11. “Passenger Side”
12. “All on Your Body” feat. Ace Hood
13. “Break of Dawn” feat. Busta Rhymes
14. “Sucka for You”


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  1. AAa

    who listens to this guy music the only tracks he made was with lil wayne a


    richard Reply:

    @AAa, shut up u think everyone is like u.


    Blue21 party (he ain't Ready) Reply:

    @AAa, you a hater shut the F up before someone slap the ish out of your ugly butt head


    Good Motherfuckin Music Reply:

    @Blue21 party (he ain’t Ready), all the feels caught


    Ear Reply:

    @AAa, Nobody listens to him because ever since he entered the US market he’s been releasing crappy electro-Pop shit. For u Americans.
    When he was doing he thing back in the UK he had a whole fusion thing going. Listen to the following:
    Eyes on You
    Ride It
    Dance With You

    Now is he really that untalented? I dunno about the UK anymore but he has a huge south-asian/middle eastern following not coz he’s Asian but coz he found a epic sound. Unfortunately now he has sold his soul to the devil, sorry i meant Birdman.


  2. ChriLaDa

    This is gonna be a very good album i think.

    Nice cover btw :D


  3. A

    Really? “It’s just all of the great genres that I love and I grew up on in one.”

    He started out with a fusion of Bhangra and Hip-Hop, so “all the great genres” that he “grew up on” are not on this album, he’s trying to hide the only thing that differentiates him from those he’s cloned.


    A Reply:

    @A, otherwise, he’s a great artist – I just wished he didn’t ignore his past. I’ve known of him since he first came up in Britain.


    Blah Reply:

    @A, Actually, he started out as a rapper before he was signed and his record label paired him with Rishi Rich to get the Asian/R&B sound. When he was dropped by his label, he went indie and started doing his own sound, which was urban. My Own Way was very R&B/urban.


  4. Blue21 party (he ain't Ready)

    Nice track list


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