Beyoncé Spends Fourth of July with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and a Rolls-Royce


Beyoncé celebrated the Fourth of July with red, white, and Blue Ivy. The “Grown Woman” shared pics from her family vacation on her Tumblr page.

After dancing the night away at the Magna Carta Holy Grail release party in Brooklyn, B enjoyed some down time with Jay-Z and their daughter in the Hamptons over the holiday weekend.

B held a baby bottle and Jay held Blue Ivy as they arrived by helicopter. Blue’s mom later got behind the wheel of a vintage blue Rolls-Royce, with Jay in the passenger seat. They rode through the countryside and dined on lobster, corn, and watermelon.

She also posted an adorable pic of her holding Blue Ivy’s hand in the park from a previous day.

Check out B’s family photos below.

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  1. Brit

    QueenB is a bad bitchhh


    Pauline F. Griffin Reply:

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  2. Hit Machine

    would eat her arsehole infront of jay


  3. Mrs. Carter, boo you foine

    I have to give to these two, they can really capture an image. That Jay pic doooooope! Bravo


    bastion Reply:

    @Mrs. Carter, boo you foine, king ,queen


  4. stanticha

    @Hit Machine, disgusting


  5. meme

    i cant believe none of those ppl in that pic of her and blue are paying any attention to them. if i was there i would have been all up in that picture


    x Reply:

    @meme, lol I would too ah ah ah


    r Reply:

    @meme, dont be so naive they hav an army around them at all times.


  6. Grace

    Awww … Princess Blue!


  7. Liquorice



  8. Shutterbug

    NOW do you know what she’s done?

    Can’t blame the lighting anymore, ‘cuz the sun’s the only light out there.
    Can’t blame the makeup anymore, ‘cuz it’d just make it hotter.

    Call it what it is now…starts with Bl and rhymes with peach.


    me Reply:

    @Shutterbug, have you seen the NO NO NO music video? (1997) she was already this white. the Dangerously In Love – B’Day eras are the only periods she looked darker.. but anyway. all we need is her voice.


    King Fierce Reply:

    @Shutterbug, pssssst….guess what the sun is???? A light. Have a few hundred seats and get you argument game tight.


  9. bibi93

    beyonce is ridiculous…


  10. Wow

    She instagam her photo like: Bad bitch alert!


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  12. ♪►Muzzac◄♪



  13. Beyonce

    My man take good pics :)


    Khloe Reply:

    @Beyonce, Dyam, I thought J.Lo was in love with herself. This is narcissism at its finest!


  14. Renee

    Yeah she love her self so much she wont comb her baby hair..her weave be tight.


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