New Music: Maino f/ Trina & Yo Gotti – ‘One Bad Bitch (Remix)’

One Bad Bitch (Remix)

Maino calls on Yo Gotti and the self-proclaimed Baddest Bitch Trina for the remix to his single “One Bad Bitch.” The Miami rap diva doesn’t hold back on her bossy bars.

“Homewrecker, take your ni**a/ Give ‘em back, I don’t need ‘em/ Like a dominatrix I treat ‘em/ Got him lickin’ the heel of these red bottoms,” she boasts.

Did Trina kill her verse? Stream the song below.

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  1. lilkimthequeen

    Lol Maino’s verse was about Lil’ Kim. :)


  2. lllll




    @lllll, NICKI?


    Mas Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, that dude be mistaken Trina for Nicki. Lol


  3. Ash

    Duhh his verse is about Kim , so it’s dumb for them not to put her on track


  4. JFB

    TRINA has been coming HARD AF Lately…


  5. channel_ROMAN



  6. Onika Miraj

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “hating” because I’m a Nicki stan. I actually like Trina and her personality, and I love the fact that she did a song with Ms. Miraj, but I hate Trina’s rap about how bad of a bitch she as, how her sex is good, and how she got red bottoms. Like, please, rap about something else.


  7. LOLatHaters

    Maino is obessed with Lil Kim. As for Trina if u heard one verse u have heard them all. She need to just stop.


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