Video: Skylar Grey f/ Big Sean & Travis Barker – ‘Back From the Dead’

Big Sean and Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey gets a blast from the past in the video for “Back From the Dead” co-starring Big Sean and Travis Barker. The singer-songwriter is haunted by a former lover as she walks through a museum filled with dioramas, grizzly bears, and grey wolves in the black-and-white clip.

“‘Back From the Dead’ is a song about somebody coming back into your life that you thought you would never see again and it’s like, what do we do now?” said Skylar.

Big Sean appears to be invisible to Skylar as he delivers his verse with skulls and a skeleton by his side.

“Back From the Dead” is the latest single from Skylar’s album Don’t Look Down, which debuted at No. 8 in July.

Also check out her cover of Daft Punk and Pharrell’s summer smash “Get Lucky.”

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  1. khai

    Yes, she really does look like she came back from the dead. Somebody stop her, every song she puts out is garbage. Trying too hard!


  2. Chloé Magnolia

    It’s such a bland whole. I like the chorus, but it’s not strong enough to carry the entire song and it shouldn’t have to…


  3. Gokhan

    I liked the song, wish Skylar could get more attention about her work. She deserves it.


  4. Kevin

    It’s official: She’s only good at writing hooks. When it comes to her own songs the verses fall flat but the choruses are on point. Video drags in parts just like the song.


  5. Vikieina

    I love this song it’s so raw and open I think she has such an amazing voice and so much talent .


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