Video: Pusha T f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘Nosetalgia’

Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T

Pusha T takes it to the streets of Compton with the “New King of the West Coast” Kendrick Lamar in the dark and gritty video for “Nosetalgia,” their collaboration off My Name Is My Name. The minimalistic clip was shot on 134th and Piru in Kendrick’s old stomping ground.

“The whole neighborhood was out there because [Kendrick] was also filming content. It was a beautiful thing,” Pusha told Rap-Up TV. “Everybody was really receptive, really happy to see me out there. It wasn’t a big production, no security stuff. It was just me being out there with the people.”

Due Oct. 8, MNIMN also features collaborations with Rick Ross, Jeezy, The-Dream, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, and Big Sean.

Take a walk on the west side with King Push and K-Dot.


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  1. Shae

    … where is it?


  2. iL0veee____

    Ayo there just something about Pusha and Kendrick tht makes me smile knowing that hip-hop aint dead….
    Much respect to these two gentlemen


    DJB Reply:

    @iL0veee____, Word, for real


    patrizio Reply:

    @iL0veee____, 100% agree


    Aton Reply:

    @iL0veee____, 100%. This is a dope (pun intended) duo.


  3. The Crowd Updater



  4. H-Town, B*tch

    Ayo, Kendrick you better get your ass ready, cuz Drizzy is about to kick you off the rapgame!!!


    C94B Reply:

    @H-Town, B*tch,

    Hell no. Don’t you know ? Kendrick is The One.


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @H-Town, B*tch, find a Drake verse better than this.


    Yeezus Christ Reply:

    @H-Town, B*tch, “Nothing’s been the same since he dropped ‘Control’/ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes”


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @H-Town, B*tch, LOL. Bitch are you trolling right now?


    H-Town, B*tch Reply:

    @The Crowd Updater, Y’all gon’ see, Drake is going to kill Kendrick in 1000 diferent ways!!



    Kendrick devoured this joint I feel like it shoulda been his. After this I need some more Kendrick music time for that sophomore nyigga!


  6. Massacred


    Two Damn near PERFECT artists coming together to make one of the BEST songs I’ve heard all year.




    Face The Facts Reply:

    @Massacred, Hip Hop is officially back with this video shit was incredible. Simple and Cinematic at the same time.


  7. Yeezus Christ

    This shit here is dope. One take video hasn’t been done since Cole’s Who dat/simba and I absolutely loved one take videos


  8. SoOdd



  9. Firecred

    Just damn,

    In a year ladled with some major hip hop releases, Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name, some how managed to buck both the trend as well as every other release and become what I consider to the best release of the year so far. In many ways it is Yeezus, done right and the other half reeks of raw untouchable metaphors and lyrical skill. Pusha T has undoubtedly begun to cement himself amongst the top of his class along with Kendrick Lamar as a real quality artist.

    Every track feels carefully though out and is mechanically sound, while all featured artist are utilized to their max potential and enhance the mood and style of the album. (Especially Kendrick Lamar on Nostalgia)

    I simply cannot heap this album enough praise.

    Really the only issue I have with the album are the additions of MC’s Big Sean and 2 Chainz, neither of which are lyrics skilled enough to stand with Pusha T. Both of their versus feel awkward and unintentionally funny when stacked with Pusha T.

    4.5/5 surely Classic in the making.


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