Mariah Carey Addresses Injury, New Album in Letter to Fans

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is in full recovery mode after her injury in July. The pop diva has written a letter to her Lambs updating them on her condition. In the Facebook post, she opens up about the painful accident she suffered on set of the remix video for “#Beautiful” featuring Young Jeezy. According to Nick Cannon, she dislocated her shoulder, cracked a rib, and chipped her shoulder bone.

“The last three months of my life have not been easy,” says Mariah. “Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life.”

The singer, who is now managed by Jermaine Dupri, delayed the release of her album from July, but it appears that an announcement will be made soon.

“This is, to me, one of the most important albums I’ve ever made in my life,” Mariah says of the follow-up to 2009′s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

She has been in the studio with Nas, Hit-Boy, Mike WiLL Made-It, Rodney Jerkins, and J.D.

Read Mimi’s letter below.

Hiiii lambs!!

I’m so happy to be able to catch up with everybody here on Facebook. The last three months of my life have not been easy. Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life. It took me three months to get to this point but thank God I was able to recover and get my arm back. It’s a huge deal, it should have taken eight months and even my doctors can’t believe it. It’s been a long journey, the physical therapists have been incredible and I am very grateful to all of them for helping me.

When people expected me to go “Here I am, I’m back and everything’s great!”, it didn’t happen because my hand was still in tremendous pain and it took this long for it to heal. I’ve been working day and night, and it took a lot of rest (though I did sneak in to the studio a couple o’ times!) but I can finally say that I am on my way to a full recovery.

There’s a lot of excitement that I’m going to reveal to you very soon, and sooner than you know it, you’re going to understand why but more than that, you’re going to feel what I’ve been feeling for the past- not three months- but three years.

This is, to me, one of the most important albums I’ve ever made in my life. If you’re a lamb, a fan, or just a human being that needs to feel good, happy, sad, miserable, joyous… “I gotcha” (said like Roc- you haven’t heard how he says it yet but you will soon, it’s a complete+total classic!)

LYM!!!! –MC

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  1. bm.kk

    Yass QueenRiah is readdy!


  2. Kemar

    Glad Legendriah is better. Ready for this album!!!


  3. DRB

    So happy to have an update. Glad she’s doing well and things seem to be in motion.


  4. joan

    She is such a loser. “Hardest thing in her life to get through” Bull!! cannot stand this woman. This album will flop!


    mc20 Reply:

    @joan, u mad stay mad u don’t care what u think she will slay mc is finally doing well


  5. Real

    Mariah finally I’m so hype it was so wroth the wait


    mswilson Reply:

    Luv u Mariah


  6. Dollar

    So happy she is feeling better! Anxious doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about a new album from Mimi.


  7. efcelewinskee

    I think it’s just because she’s old…


  8. Gattteo

    this is great how she communicates with her fans! some other artists should look up to her! this album is def. gonna be good. I have a strong feeling that it’s gonna be REALLY RNB. I’m gonna jizz in my pants! LOL


  9. Kyle

    I was wondering what the hell was going on with her album. Glad we got an update!!!


  10. channel_ROMAN

    She will flop harder than Brandy.


  11. bibi93

    We love U MC.


  12. Eric

    Can’t wait for her new album I been a fan since she started love u mariah hope u get well soon. And love the title of the album.


  13. The Real MC Fan

    I love how her sling is candy bling!


  14. The Real MC Fan

    Mimi release your album that sling should give u super powers.


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